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Boston College Football: Depth Chart For Florida State Game

Boston College depth chart has changed little, are they ready for the Seminoles?

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The depth chart for the Florida State game was released this morning and nothing really has changed. Over the past four seasons under Frank Spaziani it seemed like the depth chart was fluid with a bevy of moving parts. Some of this had to do with injuries, some of it had to do with a small talent gap between the starter and the next guy in line and some of it had to do with the previous coaching staff's questionable personnel management.

This year Steve Addazio has kept things mostly the same for the first four games. Whether that is because he wants to stick with his guys or because the cupboard is bare, or a combination of both remains to be seen.

1. Chase Rettig
2. Josh Bordner or Mike Marscovetra

For all those people who are clamoring for a change at QB1, just stop. It's not going to happen. This team is going to live and die by Chase Rettig.  Boston College has the 108th ranked passing offense in the nation and those numbers probably won't be going up as Rettig will be facing off against the top passing defense in the country who allow 115 yards per game.  Small sample size and Florida State hasn't played any great passing offenses yet, but still a reason to be concerned.

1. Andre Williams
2. David Dudeck

Fourth straight week these two have been the two names on the list. No idea what is going on with Tajh Kimble, but I would much rather see Myles Willis or Tyler Rouse grab some carries if BC needs to give Andre Williams a rest. Currently Boston College has the 85th ranked rushing attack while Florida State is 46th. The Seminoles would probably be a lot higher if they hadn't let up 182 yards on the ground to Bethune-Cookman last weekend.

Wide Receiver
1. Alex Amidon, Spiffy Evans and Dan Crimmins
2. Harrison Jackson, Karium Zoungrana, Marcus Grant, Drew Barksdale

Contrary to what some believe, no one on this group has shown much of anything this year.  Alex Amidon is going to be Alex Amidon, but if teams start to take him out of the picture who is going to step up? Amidon has a team high 20 receptions, and the next leading receiver is FB Bobby Wolford who has seven. Crimmins and Spiffy each have two receptions a piece. This is a major issue. If BC can't get a second receiver to step up, expect Amidon to become invisible.

Y Back
1. C.J. Parsons
2. Michael Giacone or Louie Addazio

H Back
1. Mike Naples

These guys haven't done much on the receiving end, but that isn't going to be as important this weekend as their role as run/pass blockers. Florida State can get after the quarterback (6 team sacks), and as mentioned before are good against the run.

1. Jarrett Darmstatter
2. Bobby Wolford

Talk about coming back down to Earth, Bobby Wolford has had 1 reception for 4 yards since his game changing performance against Villanova. That's what happens when your offensive line struggles and the FB has to help. Expect another low output game from Wolford this week.

Left Tackle
1. Matt Patchan
2. Seth Betancourt or Dave Bowen

Right Tackle
1. Ian White
2. Jim Cashman

1. Andy Gallik
2. Frank Taylor

Right Guard
1. Harris Williams
2. Aaron Kramer

Left Guard
1. Bobby Vardaro
2. Paul Gaughan or Dan Lembke

This group had a rough game last weekend against USC as both the passing and running game was held in check. The Eagles have only allowed four sacks the entire season, but that statistic is tricky because it doesn't take in account all the times Chase Rettig has been rushed and forced to throw errant passes.  The group also struggled last weekend supporting the run, but did spring Tyler Rouse loose late in the game. FSU has a beast of a front line, which is going to keep their hands full.

Defensive End
1. Kaleb Ramsey, Kasim Edebali
2. Kevin Kavalec, Brian Mihalik

Left Defensive Tackle
1. Mehdi Abdesmad
2. Jaryd Rudolph, Kieran Borcich

Right Defensive Tackle
1. Connor Wujciak
2. Dominic Appiah

The defensive line looked overwhelmed last weekend as they allowed USC to run for 257 yards, which was more than the first two games combined. James Wilder and Devonta Freeman are an excellent pair of running backs, and FSU is bringing one of the most dynamic running attacks in the country to the Heights, ranked #19 in the country. BC's front line is going to have to play an epic game if they expect to stop the Seminoles attack.

Strongside Linebacker
1. Kevin Pierre-Louis
2. Josh Keyes

Middle Linebacker
1. Steele Divitto
2. Sean Duggan

Weak-side Linebacker
1. Steven Daniels
2. Tim Joy or Mike Strizak

Another mix bag last week for the linebackers as Kevin Pierre Louis started the game off strong, but appeared to wear down as the game progressed. Steven Daniels continued his erratic play, and again seemed to be off just a step on many of the USC plays.  Jameis Winston is a different kind of QB than E.J. Manuel was, he is less likely to run it, so Don Brown is going to need to mix up his blitzes and get some of these linebackers after the freshman QB.

Left Corner
1. Manny Asprilla
2. John Johnson or Al Louis Jean

Right Corner
1. Bryce Jones
2. C.J. Jones

Free Safety
1. Sean Sylvia
2. Justin Simmons OR Ted Davenport

Strong Safety
1. Spenser Rositano
2. Dominique Williams OR Matt Milano

Turnovers are going to be key on Saturday, and these corners are going to have to contain a quarterback that has looked Heisman-esque in his first three games as a starter. In what I've seen of Winston so far, he looks accurate and knows the FSU offense well, it's going to be up to these guys to force Winston to add on to his one interception he has thrown this season. Boston College has four interceptions to date.

Kicker & Punter
1. Nate Freese
2. Alex Howell

Kick Return & Punt Return
1. Spiffy Evans
2. David Dudeck (PR)
Myles Willis (KR)

1. Leonard Skubal
2. Mike Naples

Boston College's kickoff and punt returns have been pretty abysmal to start off the season. They rank 108th in the country in KR averaging 18.5 yards a return, while ranking 63rd in PR averaging 7.5 yards a return. Nate Freese did an admirable job punting last weekend, and is a perfect 2-2 in field goals this season. Florida State also is perfect on FG attempts going 5-5.