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Boston College Football: Steve Addazio Press Conference Recap From Media Day

Media day press conference that addressed the talent on the team, injuries and position changes

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Head football coach Steve Addazio held his annual press conference at Boston College Football Media Day today in Chestnut Hill. The second year coach started off his presser by talking about his Ice Bucket Challenge which he completed than proceeded to challenge all the media members present and ESPN's Steve Levy.

Addazio got into an indepth discussion about how practices are going so far this year. He mentioned that there are 78 or 79 healthy bodies on the team, and so it wouldn't make sense to mix high intensity with high volume. Addazio is really looking for quality practices in more short bursts. He also likes to limit the amount of contact, and said that last year Andre Williams and Matt Patchan didn't participate in a contact drill after the summer. Addazio also wants to mix it up on the players, always changing how things work, which he says is "driving his assistants crazy".

The maturity of the team was the next question. Addazio said that last year his team was not used to winning, and their immaturity showed during the USC game. He said teaching some of these upperclassmen what it feels like to be a winner is something that he has been driving home the past year plus.

The head coach further got into why Tyler Murphy was a logical fit for the Eagles. He is a solid dual threat quarterback that is mature and could grow into a leader on the team. Like most of Addazio's players he's a high character player who also wanted to play closer to home, get his masters and control the offense. Though it was interesting, Addazio did mention that Murphy technically doesn't have a lot of experience under his belt.

Logically Steve Addazio talked about the questions of who will be the play makers on the team. Last year he knew leaving training camp that Andre and Alex Amidon were going to be his play makers. This year he is still evaluating who will be those players, and probably won't know for a while.

Injuries was another topic of discussion during the press conference. Addazio mentioned that Bobby Swigert is rehabbing nicely, but didn't elaborate when he would be ready to go. Harrison Jackson who went down with what sounded like a season ending injury, is actually ahead of schedule, which makes it sound like there is a possibility he could be available near the end of the season. Louie Addazio is rehabbing a tweak in his shoulder, while fullback Bobby Wolford had offseason foot surgery.

On the defensive side of the ball, Mehdi Abdesmad is a full go right now and should be ready to roll week one against UMass. That is great news after what looked like a very serious injury. Harold Landry on the other hand had minor offseason surgery on his knee, which has prevented him from participating in drills.

In terms of position changes Addazio talked about Matt Milano moving from safety to outside linebacker. This will be an interesting adjustment, but not surprising because Milano is that hybrid type of player that Don Brown likes to move around. Also it looks like we will have a freshman place kicker this year. Addazio alluded to a freshman kicker impressing this summer so far, and that Alex Howell doesn't have experience and will be punting. So by process of elimination it would appear that Mike Knoll will be taking over for Nate Freese. Finally, he mentioned that Josh Bordner is progressing well in his transition from quarterback to wide receiver.

Interesting press conference all in all. He said that the team will have two scrimmages, the first one being this Saturday.