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Boston College Football: Team Holds 2nd Scrimmage, Offense Struggles

Eagles offense doesn't look good, defense locks down.

Training Camp
Training Camp
BC Eagles Athletics

Steve Addazio was not happy with his the play of his offense during the Eagles scrimmage on Saturday. According to the Boston Herald the normally positive coach appeared need to hold back "anger, frustration and malaise". So what happened during the scrimmage that caused Addazio to almost lose his cool?

The offense happened. During the scrimmage held at Alumni Stadium on Saturday the Eagles offense turned the ball over NINE TIMES. According to the reports, the freshmen were guilty for a majority, but Addazio was not happy with the team as a whole. By the end of the scrimmage, BC's offense had given away the ball five times via the fumble, and four times via interception. Tyler Murphy threw two interceptions, both on tipped balls at the line, and the wide receiving group suffered a major case of the dropsies. Murphy threw one touchdown pass to Tyler Rouse on a reverse screen that went for 60 yards.

That being said, Don Brown's defense was humming on Saturday. The pressure they applied was massive, constantly getting on Troy Flutie and Tyler Murphy (Darius Wade sat out due to injury). The secondary stepped up as well with interceptions from Sean Sylvia, Bryce Jones, sophomore John Johnson and Manny Asprilla. However Addazio was quick to say that the interceptions felt more like "giveaways" from the offense than takeaways from the defense.

Honestly though you like seeing the coach getting after the team after a lousy scrimmage. And from what it sounds like, Addazio did exactly that. To give his team a little more motivation he scheduled a third scrimmage on Wednesday, and possibly a fourth one on Saturday that will hopefully light a flame under them. His final quote to the media said it all.

"We are not game ready and that’s the way it goes," Addazio said. "We’ve got to get this fixed.

"It’s not who we are. We just don’t do that and nothing’s good."

As a side note, as noted earlier this week by Eagle in Atlanta, "Addazio wants to control details coming out, so some of the regulars writers and bloggers have been asked to cut back on their specificity (regarding depth, reps, etc.). I know Addazio is not the first coach to do this".  So it looks like moving forward we won't be hearing much in terms of players getting dinged up in practice, and if any of the freshmen are getting first team reps because Addazio wants to hold this information close to the vest. Can't say I necessarily agree with him here, you would hope that he has bigger things to worry about than a marginal media pressence, but if that's what he wants to do we will have to live with it.