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Boston College Football: Steve Addazio Discusses 2nd Week Of Practices

How have they been going, who has shined?

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Yesterday Head Football Coach Steve Addazio quickly spoke to reporters and gave some of his thoughts as the team continues into it's second week of practice:

The first thing Addazio addressed was the team pushing through some of the tiredness that comes with summer camp:

"I see progress everywhere to tell you the truth. We had a great day yesterday. For the end of practice, we had some good stuff going on there. I was pleased with it. You could see the fatigue set in a little bit now, a little slow, a little heavy legged. But that's all part of it...We're not going to give in now. We're pushing this thing right through Saturday. We have to...We won't succeed if we don't get accustomed to playing full speed."

He's a tough and physical coach so these answers are exactly what I'd expect out of him. In order to get his team physically prepared for a long and grueling season they are going to need to be resilient in moments like these, to build up and push through the tough times. Times like these in camp are going to be valuable learning experiences for a young group that hasn't gone through tough two a days at the college level.

On the injuries and Mehdi Abdesmad:

"Before you [have players cutting and tackling] you want to feel like you're really in sync. All these guys are dinged up. It's a real progression of a deal. You got to get their technique and their confidence back before you expose them or you're going to put them at risk."

"He really loves football. On Saturday, he's got to take some reps...`okay I guess I can do this' type of thing. He's playing cautiously right now. Once you stop playing cautiously, you're good. Not thinking about it anymore. Right now he's still cautious. That was a pretty hard injury."

As mentioned last week, BC has a number of players battling or coming back from injuries (Harold Landry, Bobby Swigert, Abdesmad, Louie Addazio and Bobby Wolford). And now add Darius Wade to that mix. It's good to see that he isn't rushing these guys back, because the worst thing that could happen is they come back and do something minor in a scrimmage and re-aggravate it. If you are you looking for updates on players returning to practice from injuries, may I recommend following @AustinTedesco. He's a writer for the Heights, and access to practices.

Finally he talked about my biggest question mark going into the season, the wide receiver position.

"They have been doing a nice job. They've been making plays. They have to make plays collectively. That's what I'm looking to see: Collective play making. They have to get it...[Gabriel McClary] has speed. Shakim [Phillip] has speed. [Sherman Alston] has speed. We got some speed. We brought speed in."