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Boston College Football 21 Questions: Who Will Be Redshirted?

How will 2013 play out for these freshmen?


As Boston College's summer practices come to a close, and game prep for Villanova begins, the depth chart has begun to take shape for the Eagles. Naturally injuries have begun to creep in for the Eagles, but for the most part BC has emerged mostly unscathed. Steve Addazio and his coaching staff have looked at the depth, or lack their of at certain positions and most likely will begin to hand out some red shirts for the following year. Let's take a look at who could be sitting out this season. Let's look at the freshman and see who may or may not be redshirted.

Louie Addazio

Unlikely To Be Redshirted
Myles Willis - Running Back
Tyler Rouse- Running Back
Kevin Kavalec- Defensive End
Tevin Montgomery- Defensive Tackle

All positions of weakness right now for Boston College in terms of depth. Addazio has already said that he has been impressed by the play of Willis and Rouse, and with Tajh Kimble dinged up again there could be carries to be had by both. However if Rouse's hamstring injury doesn't resolve itself, it might be best to have him sit out the year.

Toss Up

Joel Rich - Tight End
Truman Guptafel - Defensive Tackle
John Johnson- Cornerback
Atem Ntantang- Cornerback
Matt Milano - Safety

Haven't heard many of their names this summer, but they all play in positions where strong practices or scrimmages could lead to playing time. Cornerback has been a position that has gotten thin quickly for BC in the past, and if a veteran CB goes down I wouldn't be surprised to see either of these guys play.

Likely To Be Redshirted
Drew Barksdale - Wide Receiver.
Mack Lowrie - Quarterback
James Walsh- Quarterback
Charlie Callinan - Wide Receiver
Marquis Little - Linebacker
Jack Cottrell - Linebacker/DE

These five players are play positions that are relatively full for Boston College, and I couldn't imagine them breaking the depth chart unless there was a string of injuries. James Walsh appears to be getting more reps than Lowrie at this point, but when Bordner comes back there would be a strong possibility both could be.  BC has a plethora of wide receiver options, and with Amidon graduating at the end of the year, and Spiffy/Bobby Swigert graduating at the end of 2014, I would think Addazio will hold these players out and let them learn the system.

Of course other players could be given a redshirt this year, and there will be players like Malachi Moore who will most likely receive a medical redshirt at the end of the year as well.

If you have read any national blog or article, the previews have not been very positive for Boston College. Most have BC taking a step in the right direction, but still falling somewhere in the basement. Earlier today SB Nation Indiana University blogger "The Crimson Quarry" was possibly the first blog I've read that had Boston College going to a bowl game. Their prediction? The Independence Bowl against Tennessee. Which for a team that went 2-10 last year would be a monumental season.


With a little under two weeks remaining until the kickoff of the 2013 season, we want to let you the readers voice your opinons. Every day from now until the kickoff on August 31st against Villanova, we will feature a question that we are looking for you the readers to answer.

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Here is today's question:

Will Boston College be bowling in 2013? If so, where would you predict them going and against whom?

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