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Boston College Football: Guess The Quarterback Snaps For The Duke Game

How will the snaps be divided against Duke?

Last week the quarterback situation did not resolve itself, as both Troy Flutie and Jeff Smith had their high and low points against the Northern Illinois Huskies. Flutie did a nice job getting the ball to Charlie Callinan in the end zone, but telegraphed a pass that led to an interception and gave NIU easy points. Jeff Smith was able to move the ball a little more effectively, but he struggled with ball possession.  Flutie finished the game with throwing 5 for 11, for 92 yards, while Jeff Smith went 0-2 trying to pass the ball, but ran the ball 9 times for 56 yards.

Enter the Duke game. Heading down to Durham, it appears that Steve Addazio is again going to go with the hot hand and won't hesitate to switch QBs during the game. The weather appears to be heading less towards a monsoon and more towards a dreary October afternoon. If the conditions are slippery at all, this could lean more towards Flutie getting the start, with the hope of a power running game. If it's dry, and the ball is relatively dry, Jeff Smith will certainly get the chance to run the read option game.

Will both quarterbacks play? If so, how will the snaps be divvied up? Leave your thoughts on how you predict this to go in the comment section! Go Eagles!