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Boston College vs. Duke 2015

BC-Duke: By The Numbers

BC's yards per drive doubles nearly every game from the first half to the second half, with the noticeable exception being Florida State.

Duke Postgame Quotables

David Cutcliffe and his players talk about the victory over BC.

Duke 9, BC 7: FULL RECAP

The offense improved as the day went on, but it wasn't enough as Eagles leave points on the board in loss to Duke.

Boston College Postgame Quotables

Steve Addazio and players reflect on the loss to Duke.

Featured Fanshot

BC vs. Duke "Highlights"

I hesitate to call anything coming out of yesterday's game "highlights." Let's go with "here's what happened, in condensed, video format." Courtesy of the ACC Digital Network.

Featured Fanshot

Boston Herald: Points Left On Field Irk Addazio

From the Herald article, quoting writer Rich Thompson:

"Six points were squandered on two horrific plays in the kicking game. BC was on the Duke 25 with freshman kicker Colton Lichtenberg looking at a 42-yard field-goal attempt with the wind at his back. But the relay between long snapper Leonard Skubal and holder Bobby Swigert blew up resulting in a 6-yard loss and change of possession."


Inconsistent offense once again plagued BC as the Eagles drop to 3-2 on the season with a loss in Durham, NC.

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Troy Flutie Goes DOWNTOWN To Thadd Smith, 66 Yard TD Makes it 9-7

CUE EVERY FLUTIE MAGIC REFERENCE YOU CAN THINK OF. What a throw and what a catch - BC makes it 9-7 and it's all of a sudden a whole new game.

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BC Defense Comes Up Huge After Muffed Punt Return

Sherm Alston muffed a punt return to give Duke 1st-and-10 at the BC 15, but the defense once again comes up with a huge stand. A goal line stand is culminated by Kevin Kavalec's touchdown on 4th Down at the 1, and the offense takes back over.

INSTANT REACTIONS: BC Trails Duke, 9-0, At Half

Eagles have zero yards passing through the first 30 minutes of game time.

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Martin Does It Again, Kicks 53-Yarder. Duke Leads 9-0

Juxtaposed against the BC muffed snap and mess at the other end of the field, Ross Martin kicks a 53-yarder to put Duke up 9-0.

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Duke Goes Up, 6-0, On 38-Yard FG

Thomas Sirk led a drive deep to the BC 21 before the drive stalled. Facing 3rd-and-12, Steven Daniels hurried a throw out of the pocket. Ross Martin kicked it through to give the Devils a 6-0 lead.

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Instant Reaction: Duke Leads 3-0 After First Quarter

It's the end of the first quarter, and BC trails Duke, 7-0. Some early observations: -BC is going to be run heavy. I'm sure you're all surprised. -I like the use of Marcus Outlow off the bat. It's well-noted how much of a fan of his we are up here at BCI, so seeing him involved is a good thing. -The offensive line is inconsistent at best right now. #72 nearly got Troy Flutie's first passing attempt blown up, resulting in him scrambling - which he lacks the speed to really do with regularity. -Jeff Smith is executing the read option better, but his pass attempt didn't look good. Smith is now 2-6 on the season passing. -The defense looks very good, but they were gashed on a run up the middle. Have to think they won't let too many of those up. -Very good pursuit by the DBs and good tackling by the LBs.

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Duke Takes A 3-0 Lead Late In The First Quarter

Ross Martin kicks a 36-yard field goal and puts the Blue Devils up 3-0.

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Duke Now Only Favored By 4.5 Over BC

Line has shifted almost three points since the start of the week, indicating a large number of bets have been placed on BC.

BC Vs. Duke: Game Thread (3:30 PM, RSN)

With the looming threat of nasty weather, BC heads to Durham for their first game against the Blue Devils since the infamous "middle shmiddle" game from the Frank Spaziani era.

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Harold Landry Returns Home With BC To Face Duke

Good morning read if you're interested about BC Defensive Lineman Harold Landy

This stream has:

BC vs. Duke: Complete Game Day Coverage

Game 5!

BC vs. Duke: Game Time, TV Info and More

Game day info for BC vs. Duke

Flutie/Smith: How Will The Snaps Be Divided?

Any guesses what Addazio will do?

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True Freshman RB Jordan Gowins May Play Tomorrow

According to his Twitter account, Jordan Gowins looks like he is ready to play on Saturday. Jon Hilliman is out with a foot injury, and Myles Willis is questionable, so this would give the Eagles three healthy running backs. Gowins would join Marcus Outlow and Tyler Rouse in the backfield.

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Mark RogersTV's ACC Breakdown Previews The Weekend Ahead!

I warm up my four years of eligibility and make a horrible pick on last night's football game.

BC vs Duke: Final Thoughts And Predictions

Who is going to win it? We make our predictions.

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Steve Addazio Talks About Overcoming Injuries (VIDEO)

Addazio talks with Levan Reid of WBZ about how injuries are part of the game and how BC will overcome them.

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Steve Addazio's Pregame Speech Will Remind You What BC Football Means

Remember the edge of the coin speech from last year? Well consider this Edge of the Coin, 2.0. This should remind you exactly what Steve Addazio does for this program. Singing the fight song is a symbol of coming together as a team to celebrate together as a family. "We gotta cut it loose! GO MAKE PLAYS!" is just amazing.

Featured Fanshot What To Watch For - BC vs. Duke

For a look from the opposing perspective we check out, which takes a look at what to watch for in tomorrow's game. Their #1 suggestion? Take the under.

BC-Duke Weather Update: Friday AM Edition

Here's an update as of Thursday night/Friday morning for people concerned with Hurricane Joaquin impacting the Boston College-Duke football game.

College Football Betting Picks, Week 5

Last week was just a bloody shambles.

Eagles in the NFL, Week 3

Andre Williams totally vultured a touchdown for my fantasy team.

Steve Addazio's Weekly Press Conference

What did the head coach have to say?

Nasty Weather On The Way For BC-Duke Game

How could this affect the game?

ACC Power Poll: Week 5

Sad Virginia is sad.


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