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Former BC Offensive Line Coach Jim Bollman Takes Same Position At Purdue

Former Ohio State and Boston College coach Jim Bollman will be joining Darrell Hazell's staff at Purdue.

Jim Bollman
Jim Bollman
AJ Black

Another former Boston College football staff member has found a new job. This time it's 2012 offensive line coach Jim Bollman who will be taking his talents to West Lafayette, Indiana. According to multiple interweb sources, Bollman will be re-uniting with former Ohio State coordinator Darrell Hazell at Purdue.

Bollman, who came to Boston College after an unsuccessful stint as offensive coordinator at Ohio State, leaves after one year of service to the Eagles. The offensive line struggled mightily for BC in 2012 and many debate how much of the fault lies with Bollman. While he did not recruit the current players, it's hard to defend him when there were countless plays where linemen were either out of place or completely blew their assignments. The result of this mess? Chase Rettig was sacked 34 times, placing BC 104th in the country in sacks allowed.

What Bollman does bring to Purdue is a solid recruiting pedigree. His most successful year was 2008 when he recruited two five star offensive linemen at Ohio State in Mike Adams and Mike Brewster. Obviously a lot of that had to do with working with Jim Tressel and Ohio State, but he still got recruits.

He might have already begun to bring that talent to Darrell Hazell's staff. It appears he may be bringing Boston College '13 WR commit Dan Monteroso with him. The three star wide receiver, who was recruited by Bollman at BC, is taking an official visit to Purdue. No official word of a decommitment has come out yet, but it could be soon.

Just another scholarship for Addazio to use. Hopefully he can find another guy to fit his system, preferably on the defensive end of the ball.