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Boston College Hires Steve Addazio: Grading The Hire

Handing out grades for Boston College A.D. Brad Bates' hire of Steve Addazio.

Now that the dust has settled and you've been introduced to Steve Addazio, let's grade the hire. As a reminder, here were Brad Bates' three criteria as for what he was looking for in the next coach, (hopefully) in no set order of importance:

-- Someone who oozes with integrity
-- Someone who genuinely and sincerely cares for the students, particularly their intellectual development, and will engage in facilitating their maximum development as scholars, as athletes, as leaders and serves
-- Someone who is going to win


-- Knows the Boston College program extremely well, familiar with the program's history and traditions
-- Likely a return to a run-first offense that wins the battles at the line of scrimmage
-- Called BC his dream job - he's "here for the long haul and here to win championships"
-- Has an energy and enthusiasm for football that has been sorely lacking the last four years
-- Has a plan -- "play great defense, run the football, score in the red zone, be great on special teams, and don't turn the ball over."
-- Confirmed death of bend-but-don't-break: "I want to go after people on defense. Be aggressive. You don't talk to your team like you're in a boat and say `let's go quarter throttle.' Bam - you go full throttle. You bang it, and you go. That's how I want it to be, `Hey guys let's get fired up' not `take it easy.'"
-- Referred to himself in the third person at least four times during the press conference


-- Stock wasn't all that high this offseason, coming off a 4-7 year in Temple's first year back in the Big East
-- Offensive system doesn't seem to fit with current roster, particularly the offensive skill position players
-- BC will run the ball, a lot ... ZZZZZZ
-- Brings back key assistants under Spaz, bringing some of the drama from last year's staff back to the Heights
-- Called BC his "dream job," which may come back to haunt us all (cough, Edsall, cough)
-- Son plays football at Syracuse. Gross.
-- Referred to himself in the third person at least four times during the press conference
-- Still Italian, still has a mustache, still has a nickname that ends in 'Z'

Now it's your turn. Grade the hire below. Reasons for your grade to the comments section. Ready, go.