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Boston College Football Coach Steve Addazio Joins Twitter

A refreshing change from Frank "What's Twitter" Spaziani?

Kevin C. Cox

Boston College coach Steve Addazio didn't waste any time joining the popular social media platform, creating a new Twitter account and sending his first message out to Eagles fans before today's 3 PM press conference.

This idea has potential. With over 50 percent of Division I-A college football coaches leveraging Twitter, I always thought it was a missed opportunity that Spaz wasn't on Twitter. While he wasn't any good with the media, Twitter seemed like the perfect medium for Spaz to sell the program with minimal effort. He could have even just put a grad assistant in charge of his account and Tweeted out jokes about his mustache and that would have been better.

Hopefully the Eagles' new coach makes the most of Twitter, using the platform to engage with fans and sell the program. You can follow Coach Addazio at @BCCoachAddazio. As of this writing, BC's new coach already had 654 followers.

But go easy, guys. How about a two week grace period before you light up Addazio's Twitter mentions like this other new member of the athletic department we all know?