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Boston College Athletic Director Brad Bates On The Steve Addazio Hire

Boston College Athletic Director Brad Bates talks to the media about the hiring of new football head coach, Steve Addazio.

Conrad was at the hoops game and captured video of Bates talking to the media about the hiring of new football head coach Steve Addazio.


-- Any A.D. has a list of names they are following, add to the list based on performance. Heading into the process, try to match the programmatic needs to the candidates on the list. Exactly what we did the last 9 days. Not every coach is a great fit for Boston College at this time. Steve Addazio is a great coach, great fit.

-- Bates has had Addazio on his list for a number of years.

-- Variables that came out that the program needed: wanted a coach that they had a strong relationship with, family culture. Someone who is very passionate. Addazio has incredible passion. Wanted to win. Wanted someone with a proven track record of success. Success in high school through to Florida. Has a background of being competitive.

-- Meticulous during the process. Talked to NFL owners, coaches, commissioners, college head coaches and assistants, executive directors. Talked to a lot of people. Wanted to know if any candidate we would bring to Boston College would treat people consistently, whether it's the President of the University of someone they bump into on campus. Want to know their track record on developing leadership skills within the program. How they engage the alumni base. Establishing networks and creating career opportunities for players.

-- Be able to look the team in the eye and let them know what's happening.

-- Addazio has a plan. He'll be a disciplinarian. He'll be incredibly demanding on and off the field. Students will know he cares about them.

-- Can never predict the future, but want a coach who can build a foundation for future success. Only been here six weeks. Want a partner to be joined at the hip with, strive for excellence for Boston College athletics.

-- How he recruits, how he teaches, how he hires a coaching staff, complementary coaching staff hires. Knew Boston College really well. Incredibly interested in the job. He's one of the most energized, passionate people. Enthusiasm is contagious. Proven track record of developing meaningful relationships with his students.

-- Too critical a hire to hear it from people I don't directly know. Any direct conversations about the candidates were with people Bates trusted. Have an amazing alumni network, especially in football. Have been tremendous on identifying the needs of the program.

-- On his football intellect, if I hire someone who I can even remotely have scheme conversations with, we hired the wrong person.

-- Talked in general terms about the assistants Addazio wants to bring in. Will visit with the team, visit with the BC staff. Well connected guy in the football community. Key is to get a group with diverse skill sets.

-- Addazio will meet the team tomorrow.

-- Guy who grew up in the Northeast, dreamed of being at Boston College. He is thrilled to be here and will hit on the ground running. Is any place a destination anymore? Landscape of college athletics is changing rapidly. Can't predict the future. Guy who is incredibly enthusiastic about being at Boston College.

-- Continuity is an incredible cohesive force in building a team. Having attrition is disruptive. This team has had a lot of disruption.

-- No financials terms because we hide behind the cloak of being a private school. His deal is 6 years.