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Boston College Football Coaching Search: The Notre Dame Fan Case Against Bob Diaco To BC

So predictable.

Jonathan Daniel

When word got out that Notre Dame defensive coordinator Bob Diaco would interview for the vacant Boston College football coaching position, Irish fans were predictably all like ...

SB Nation blog One Foot Down breaks it down further, reaching several different rationalizations to talk themselves down off the ledge. As we'll all soon find out, Diaco is merely going through the motions and gaining some valuable interviewing experience here.

Let's break down OFD's argument as to why Diaco to Boston College isn't going to happen.

1. He's not ready

I don't think Diaco is ready to be a head coach right now.

Maybe he does. Perhaps he's ready. Perhaps he's itching to finally take over a D-1 program and truly make a name for himself.

This argument is actually valid. Diaco has only been the defensive coordinator under Kelly since 2010. He's also worked as an assistant/coordinator at Cincinnati, Virginia, Central Michigan and Western Michigan. He's young. He's never ran his own program.

All that said, Diaco's stock arguably won't be much higher than it is right now. Diaco coaches a Top 10 defensive unit anchored by a Heisman finalist LB and will be coaching in the BCS National Championship Game. Notre Dame didn't get to the title game based on the strength of their offense.

2. He's bad with the media

All I know is that he's still very raw in front of the media---he's still uncomfortable with handling those duties. By becoming a head coach those duties amplify by a thousand and he's largely been sheltered at Notre Dame.

I know the media stuff isn't all there is to being a head coach, but he doesn't have the seasoning the way a guy like Will Muschamp did before Florida or Kirby Smart does at Alabama.

Not sure how this point is relevant to the BC position. Two counters here: 1) Spaz was the Boston College coaching nadir of media un-friendly and 2) the Boston papers don't ask the tough questions. Like, at all. This isn't a high pressure post with respect to the media scrutiny. Diaco has to own the living room, not the press conference.

3. He's not going to leave before the title game

Second, I have a real hard time believing that Diaco is going to announce to the team within a week or so that he's taking another head coaching job a month before Notre Dame's first title chance in 25 years.

Of all the times to move on...NOW!?!?

If Diaco took the job, I'm sure he would stay on to coach in the National Championship Game with the Irish. And that's probably a good thing. It's going to take time to rebuild the program and the free air time BC would get from a hire like this between now and the title game would more than makeup for a lost month on the recruiting trail.

4. It's Boston College

And Boston College?

Bob, no.

Other than his connections to the Northeast I don't know why he would leave Notre Dame for Chestnut Hill.

C'mon, BC only got 2 Houston Nutt heads on my recent Desirability index and frankly, Diaco can do better.

If Diaco is going to take a job worth 2 Nutt heads, it has to be somewhere that at least cares about football more than Boston College. Somewhere that provides him with a chance to access quality recruits. Somewhere that isn't going to be a rival to Notre Dame.

When you step back from the Irish fanboy spin here, you realize Boston College is a good school and a decent football program. As mentioned above, Diaco's stock won't be higher than it is now. If he sits around for a few more years and Notre Dame takes a step back or several power conferences rebound from down years, the Irish may get lost in the college football playoff new world order.

You lose me when you start talking about how well Diaco would fit at Cal (or Purdue), when the Boston College job is on par or ever so slightly below those two other AQ openings.

5. Boston College sucks

The other issue is that Boston College is the dumps right now. Diaco didn't go to Notre Dame but he certainly seems to love the university right now. I don't know why he'd want to take up a massive reclamation project when he can stay in South Bend and dominate BC for a couple more years and take a much better job down the road.

Without question. But this isn't as massive a reclamation project as it's made out to be. There is plenty of talent left within this program and in case you haven't noticed, the ACC isn't as top-heavy as some other AQ conferences right now. It will also be hard to dominate BC for a couple more years with no Boston College-Notre Dame games on the schedule in 2013 and 2014.