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Boston College Football Coaching Search: Al Golden Not Leaving Miami, According To U Interim A.D.

University of Miami interim A.D. Blake James told the Miami Sun-Sentinel that he doesn't think that Golden is going anywhere.

Joe Raedle

The name atop many's Boston College football coach wish list is Miami head coach Al Golden, the Eagles former LB coach under Tom O'Brien. Golden is such a hot name linked to the BC coaching search that the Herald's Steve Conroy titled the latest article on the search "A Golden opportunity for BC football."

The name seemingly at the forefront of the search is Miami’s Al Golden, who has acquitted himself well in a tough situation in Coral Gables since being hired in December 2010, eight months before the Nevin Shapiro scandal came to light. Considering Golden had nothing to do with the controversy that could result in severe penalties for the program, it’s hard to believe he would close the door to a new opportunity, no matter how happy he is with his current job. (In fact, there were reports last night that he was visiting the University of Tennessee.)

The Boston papers covering Golden as a possible candidate for the Eagles vacant head coaching position must have caught the attention of Miami's interim A.D. Blake James. James told the Miami Sun-Sentinel that he doesn't think that Golden is going anywhere.

On Wednesday night, interim athletic director Blake James said he's spoken to Golden several times in the last few days and he's not sweating. No school has requested permission to speak with Golden.

"I'm confident he'll be with us next year," James told the Sun Sentinel during Miami's 67-59 men's basketball win over No. 13 Michigan State.

On having his name linked to multiple head coaching vacancies, Golden was predictably mum on the matter.

"To be perfectly honest with you, the only time I hear it is when [reporters] say it," Golden said. "I know [my wife] would cry if I said we were moving out of town.

"I hope, that if [rumors exist], I hope its for how we're operating in a very tumultuous time and how we're being steadfast with our plan and not flinching. I hope people respect that."

Since taking over in Coral Gables, Golden is 13-11 (8-8 ACC) in two seasons at Miami. This season, Golden put Miami in position to earn its first trip to the ACC Championship Game but the school self-imposed a second straight postseason ban, putting the "dream" Florida State-Miami title game tilt on hold for another year.

Is the dream of the tie roaming the sidelines of the Heights dead?

Thanks to reader John L. for the link.