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Boston College Vs. Clemson (7:00 PM, ESPNU): Saturday Early Game Thread

There's a ton of football to get to before the Eagles take the field at Clemson. Let us know what you're watching and what your thoughts are as kickoff approaches!

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

If you're like us, you can't wait for kickoff of your game every Saturday. Unfortunately, while a 7 PM start means the game itself will be electric, it also means you have to wait all day for actual kickoff.

So while you're waiting all day for Saturday night (sorry, Carrie), here's some of the games you have available on the television picture box in your living room.

With some of the games going on, there's plenty to discuss, whether it's UConn taking on South Florida or Purdue-Wisconsin or Texas Tech-Kansas. Personally? I'm going to check out Baylor-West Virginia since that game has the chance to break the over in the first half and keep on trucking through to previously unheard of levels.

Or maybe you want to check out Iowa-Northwestern. Those are two nationally ranked teams playing on the Worldwide Leader at noon. That's the same time FSU kicks off at home against Louisville in a game many are predicting to see the 'Noles lose.

As the afternoon progresses, you can switch to the computer to take on Kent State-UMass. But if you'd instead like to watched teams that are actually good at football, check out Alabama-Texas A&M on CBS. That game's going to be a battle.

All of this leads to the 7 PM kickoff on ESPNU and WatchESPN of BC-Clemson. During the commercials or during the games, come check in with us and let us know your thoughts throughout the afternoon. It'll be a good place to start your day as you get ready for the Eagles and Tigers!