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Boston College Vs. Clemson: Eagles To Announce QB Later in Week

Steve Addazio saw all he needed to from the Dual QB system.

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College will settle on one quarterback and will make the announcement later in the week, according to head coach Steve Addazio's remarks during his Monday press conference.

Addazio's announcement comes on the heels of the Eagles' second shutout defeat of the season, a 3-0 sleepwalk affair against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons.

Since the season-ending injury to Darius Wade against Florida State, the Boston College coaching staff rotated two freshman-level QBs throughout different plays and drives. Redshirt freshman Troy Flutie started the bulk of the work and played down the stretch of games, while true freshman Jeff Smith flashed explosiveness in the running game.

It's been noted many times that the two quarterbacks have very different skill sets. Jeff Smith is the team's leading rusher with 257 yards on 38 carries, an average of just under seven yards per carry, while Troy Flutie is the team's leading passer with 20 completions on 37 attempts, 336 yards, and three touchdowns. Smith struggled to grasp the passing offense (9-30, 86 yards, and one pick with no touchdowns), while Flutie established himself as a passer and not a runner (50 yards on 20 carries, one of which was a 20 yard gain).

Against Wake Forest, both QBs struggled. Smith went 4-12 with 56 yards and a pick, while Flutie went just 2-8 for 18 yards, an average of 2.2 yards per completion. Both QBs had ESPN QBR levels under 10. The QBR stat is designed to take into consideration clutch play and down/yardage situations to calculate a value. An average value is roughly 75.

Smith did gain 44 yards on 11 carries with a long of 29, while Flutie had four carries for nine yards and a long of 14.

More information will be communicated as it is released throughout the week.