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Boston College Football: Steve Addazio Weekly Quotes

Coach Addazio talks Clemson, Andre Williams, Ian White and Matt Patchan, special teams and Steven Daniels.


Opening Statement:

"A summary of last week. We ran the ball well on offense, I thought we were very productive on offense. I thought we took a big step forward. We were pretty dominant on the offensive line. I was really impressed with the way that our front and our tight ends played and the holes and the opportunities for Andre [Williams] were incredible. On defense, we adjusted well in the second half. I love the way we competed. We were physical we moved ourselves forward in special teams and offensively so that's what I came away with that.

"Now of course all I really care about is this week because we have a tremendous challenge. We are playing probably one of the very finest teams in the country. They are extremely explosive on offense. They've got a bunch of returning starters that are averaging 343 yards passing, 175 rushing, 518 yards per game. Tajh Boyd is a sensational quarterback. He's experienced, he's veteran. He can throw it, he can run it. He's rushed for 57 carries for 154 and four rushing touchdowns so you have to count for him there. Passing: he is 93 for 141 for 1,450 yards and 14 touchdowns, so that's pretty productive there. Running back is #20 Roderick McDowell is a good player. He's got 60 carries for 294 yards, 58 yards per game and of course we all know about the receivers. Sammy Watkins, I recruited him when I was at Florida and he is a talented guy. He's got 29 receptions for 481 yards and three touchdowns and Martavis Bryant is another big tall receiver who has 15 receptions so they've got plenty of skill and plenty of explosiveness. They've got a good offensive line and I think they are very complete on offense.

"On defense, they are No. 3 in the nation right now. They beat Syracuse 49-14 last week. They are 35th in the nation on total defense. They lead the nation in sacks with 19; they are seventh in the nation with nine interceptions. So I'd say they are pretty stout there. Their linebackers #42 and #33 are pretty good players. Vic Beasley, #3 a defensive end, I think he's a very active guy. He's extremely talented as a pass rusher and he's got six sacks. Needless to say they have an extremely talented defense. They're big, they're fast, and, on offense they are explosive and they have a veteran dynamic quarterback.

"So we're on the road, we've got a great week of practice. We've got to get ready for this team. Obviously we feel like we're improving as well and we are probably going to go after them with a style that really no one else has gone after them with yet so that will be good. We have to learn how to take it on the road and keep the intensity. The old saying is you're on the road so pack your defense, pack your run game and pack your toughness. We have to put all that together and play our best game. I feel right now that we have the opportunity to do this and that's where we are."

On Andre Williams being the leading rusher in the country

"Well he has to be. For us to have success right now, that's a big part of who we are. It's great to see but it's a reflection of a lot of people working. It's a reflection of Chase Rettig and a reflection of our offensive line. It really is. I'm not taking anything from Andre, I'm just being honest. I [said] earlier in the season that we have a pretty good offensive line. There are a lot of people who would like to have this offensive line. They're playing at a strong level and Andre is a big strong back and I see Myles [Willis] starting to have some success in there as well and Chase is keeping them honest with some play actions here and there and managing the game the way he is. That's a good combination."

On senior offensive linemen Ian White and Matt Patchan:

"Those two guys are playing at a very high level. Those two tackles are playing at a high, high level. They can run. They're fast, they're big, they're physical and those guys have a great demeanor. They're starting to impose their demeanor on the rest of the offense which is what we hoped would happen; it's starting to happen. They're giant guys. They kind of engulfed the guys from Army. They're just giant. That's what I'm saying, our line is a big-time line. That line is good."

On special teams and the return game

"We're definitely getting better on special teams. We're definitely getting more of a swag, more of an attitude, more of a demeanor in the room. Guys feel it now, and they felt the power of it and they have a little pride in it. It's really starting to take of. Big picture: we're getting better, we're getting confident. I like where we're headed. I was unhappy with it earlier, it just took longer to get where we are now, but where we are now is on a good path."

On sophomore linebacker Steven Daniels

"I thought he played well on Saturday. He did a lot for us. He did a great job on the kickoff return for us as well as on defense. I like his attitude. I like the way he's practicing. I think he's one of those younger guys who is going to develop into a real solid guy her in our program, a leader. I like the way that he's progressing a lot. He's doing a great job for us right now."