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Boston College Football: Depth Chart For Clemson Game

What changes should we expect from BC against Clemson this weekend?

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Good news for the Eagles this week as very little has changed over the past week. They escaped the Army game without an major injuries, and in fact will be getting Spencer Rositano who was knocked out of the FSU game two weeks ago with concussion symptoms. Let's gander at who will be playing this weekend in Death Valley.


1. Chase Rettig (6-3, 206, Sr.)
2. Josh Bordner (6-4, 220, Jr.) OR Mike Marscovetra (6-4, 207, Sr.)

Chase Rettig only had to throw 13 passes last weekend which probably won't be the case this weekend. I expect Clemson to stack the box and try to stop the run, which should open up the pass game. Now, let's be realistic here I don't expect the Eagles to throw the ball 40 times, but I think a solid 20-25 times on Saturday is more realistic against a Clemson defense that is 17th in the country.

1. Andre Williams (6-0, 227, Sr.)
2. Myles Willis (5-9, 187, Fr.)

Williams and Willis have become a dynamic pair for the Eagles, and have their hard runs have become the bread and butter of the Boston College offensive game plan. Expect no less on Saturday. Clemson has been bad against the run, ranking 80th in the country, but they have allowed 237 yards a game against FBS opponents including a 323 yard performance last weekend by Syracuse. Run defense clearly is the Achilles heel of an otherwise very strong Clemson team.

1. Jake Sinkovec (6-4, 244, Sr.)
2. Bobby Wolford (6-2, 233, R-Fr.)

Solid game by Sink again on Saturday, helped spring many of the long runs.

1. Alex Amidon (6-0, 182, Sr.)
2. Harrison Jackson (6-3, 201, So.)

1. David Dudeck (5-11, 190, So.)
2. Brian Miller (6-3, 241, So.)

1. Harrison Jackson (6-3, 201, So.) OR Spiffy Evans (6-0, 184, Jr.)
2. Dan Crimmins (6-5, 222, So.)

True it was only against Army but it was nice to see Spiffy Evans show up again for the offense. He made a couple of nice catches on what were underthrown balls by Rettig. Again, if BC wants to establish Alex Amidon in any way, these opposing defenses are going to have to start respecting other receivers. At this point of the year I just don't see that happening.

1. C.J. Parsons (6-6, 253, Jr.)
2. Michael Giacone (6-5, 260, So.) OR Louie Addazio (6-3, 253, So.)

1. Mike Naples (6-4, 237, Sr.)

The tight ends were mostly invisible last weekend in the passing game, but just like the O-line they did a great job supporting the run.

1. Matt Patchan (6-6, 300, Sr.)
2. Seth Betancourt (6-6, 298, Jr.) OR Dave Bowen (6-7, 297, So.)

1. Bobby Vardaro (6-5, 310, Jr.)
2. Paul Gaughan (6-6, 303, So.) OR Dan Lembke (6-6, 304, So.)

1. Andy Gallik (6-3, 302, Jr.)
2. Frank Taylor (6-3, 287, R-Fr.)

1. Harris Williams (6-3, 298, Jr.)
2. Aaron Kramer (6-7, 299, Jr.)

1. Ian White (6-5, 302, Sr.)
2. Jim Cashman (6-7, 298, R-Fr.)

What a game this group had against Army last weekend. They were blasting Army defenders up and down the field, and controlled the line of scrimmage for the entire game. Minus the USC game this group has gelled really nicely and continues to improve with each game.


1. Kaleb Ramsey (6-3, 285, Sr.)
2. Brian Mihalik (6-9, 283, Jr.) OR Nick Lifka (6-2, 274, So.)

1. Jaryd Rudolph (6-3, 275, Sr.)
2. Truman Gutapfel (6-3, 261, Fr.)

1. Dominic Appiah (6-5, 291, Jr.)
2. Connor Wujciak (6-3, 300, So.)

1. Kasim Edebali (6-3, 246, Sr.)
2. Kevin Kavalec (6-3, 242, Fr.)

In their first game without Mehdi Abdesmad, this group was a mixed bag. They struggled mightily against the option in the first half, but got the hang of it in the 2nd and locked down Army to seven points. They added three more sacks to their total, giving them 15 for the year, or roughly twice as many as BC had in 2012. They should be able to get some pressure on Tajh Boyd this week, Clemson is 90th in the country in sacks allowed, giving up 13 on the year. You have to think much of that has to do with the fact that the Tigers never get off the field, but still, with Don Brown drawing up blitzes you never know.

1. Kevin Pierre-Louis (6-1, 225, Sr.)
2. Josh Keyes (6-2, 215, Jr.)

1. Steele Divitto (6-2, 237, Sr.)
2. Sean Duggan (6-4, 241, Jr.)

1. Steven Daniels (6-0, 249, So.)
2. Mike Strizak (6-2, 239, R-Fr.) OR Tim Joy (6-2, 222, So.)

ACC Player of the Week Kevin Pierre Louis is going to have his hands full this week against an offense that is 13th in the country, averaging 512 yards a game. Steven Daniels has continued to improve as a player, and has actually become an asset to this linebacking corp. But man is Clemson's offense good. God speed gentlemen, god speed.

1. Manny Asprilla (5-11, 177, Jr.)
2. Al Louis-Jean Jr. (6-2, 195, So.)


1. Dominique Williams (6-0, 212, Jr.)
2. Spencer Rositano (6-1, 210, Jr.) OR Matt Milano (6-0, 200, Fr.)

1. Sean Sylvia (6-0, 208, Jr.)
2. Justin Simmons (6-3, 188, So.) OR Ted Davenport (6-1, 203, Jr.)

1. Bryce Jones (6-1, 166, So.)
2. C.J. Jones (5-11, 185, Jr.)

After being knocked out of the FSU game with an apparent head injury and missing the Army game, Spencer Rositano is back on the depth chart. The other big news here is that Dominique Williams will be getting the start, which would be the third change in starting free safeties in three weeks (Justin Simmons and Rositano being the others). Manny Asprilla will most likely get the job of covering Sammy Watkins, which kind of seems a little unfair.


1. Nate Freese (5-11, 192, Sr.)
2. Alex Howell (6-5, 215, So.)

1. Nate Freese (5-11, 192, Sr.)
2. Alex Howell (6-5, 215, So.)

1. Leonard Skubal (5-10, 215, R-Fr.)
2. Mike Naples (6-4, 237, Sr.)

1. Spiffy Evans (6-0, 184, Jr.)
2. Dave Dudeck (5-11, 190, So.)

1. Spiffy Evans (6-0, 184, Jr.)
2. Myles Willis (5-9, 187, Fr.)

All positive marks last weekend for the BC special teams who again played a near perfect game. Evans and Willis made some great runs and blocks and Nate Freese drilled a 49 yard field goal.