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Live Eagle Mascot Will Not Make Appearance At Boston College Vs. Army Game

The BAMF will not be present at this weekend's Homecoming game between Boston College and Army.

VERY important news for this Homecoming weekend.

Boston College football's to-be-named live bald eagle mascot, the BAMF one himself, will not be present at this weekend's Boston College vs. Army game. I am sad.

Thanks, federal government.

With any luck, the eagle will still be able to cheer on the Eagles from the comforts of his Franklin Park Zoo home. Someone get Luke Beakly* an xBox, an internet connection and a login tout suite. At the very least, I hope the eagle's caregivers are able to pipe in the Boston College IMG Radio Network audio of the game.

Disappointing that one of Boston College's coolest renewed tradition, the live eagle mascot, couldn't make an appearance during a weekend of renewed traditions. The school is bringing back Homecoming weekend for the first time in four decades this weekend. BC's new live eagle mascot will presumably make two more appearances this fall -- at the November 2 home game vs. Virginia Tech and the November 16 home finale against N.C. State.

A naming contest was held during the month of September to help name the new mascot. The five finalists were Aquila, Margo II, BosCo, Ignatius (Iggy for short) and Welles. The winning name is set to be announced on Saturday during the Army game.

* unofficial name