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Government Shutdown Could Cancel Boston College Vs. Army Football Game

Travel restrictions on upper-class cadets are jeopardizing this weekend's Boston College-Army game.

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Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

This morning's shutdown of the Federal Government has led to speculation that this weekend's Boston College vs. Army game might not be played on Saturday. That's right. The federal government might cancel BC vs. Army.

The government shutdown threatens not only this weekend's BC-Army and Navy-Air Force games, but all athletics at each of the nation's three service academies.

Air Force associate athletic director Troy Garnhart explains:

Troy Garnhart, associate athletic director for Air Force, said there was a chance the [Navy-Air Force] game could not be played.

"It is a possibility," Garnhart said.

Garnhart explained that upper-class cadets at the Air Force Academy are considered military personnel, which means they could be subject to travel restrictions under the shutdown.

Scott Strasemeier, Naval Academy associate athletic director, could not confirm Tuesday morning whether the game will take place.

The same travel restrictions would apply for the U.S. Military Academy, putting this weekend's Boston College-Army game in jeopardy. The definitive decision on whether this weekend's games will be played comes from the Department of Defense; not the academies themselves.

If Boston College-Army is cancelled this weekend, there's no shared makeup date available for both programs other than the Saturday of the ACC Championship Game (December 7).

Update 1: The DoD has announced that all intercollegiate athletics at the service academies have been suspended as of Tuesday, meaning the Army football team currently can't practice. A decision on whether the Air Force-Navy game will be played or not will be made by Thursday at noon ET. No word on if a similar deadline has been set for Army-Boston College.

Update 2: Here is the statement from Boston College athletics director Brad Bates: "We have been in close communication with Army athletics officials regarding the potential impact of the government shutdown on this Saturday's football game. Obviously our intention is to exhaust all possibilities to play the game and we will communicate the information promptly as soon as we have resolution."

Update 3: USA Today reports that the suspensions of athletics at the service academies will last through the government shutdown. "If the shutdown is going to extend through the weekend, then the Navy-Air Force game would be postponed, a person with knowledge of the decision process told USA TODAY Sports. The person requested anonymity because they were not cleared to speak publicly."