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Boston College Football: Depth Chart For Army Game

Some new names have appeared, and some familiar faces are missing. Check out who below.

Jim Rogash

The depth chart for the Army game was released this morning. Due to injuries, and solid play by some backups there have been some changes up and down the depth chart. Most noticeably missing are Mehdi Abdesmad and Spencer Rositano who both look to be missing Saturday's game. A

1. Chase Rettig
2. Josh Bordner or Mike Marscovetra

Rettig was serviceable against Florida State making some good plays, and also some cringe worthy runs. Army is a middle of the road pass defense, but much of that has to do with their schedule. Ball State, who have the 10th ranked pass attack, shredded the Army defense for over 300 yards.

1. Andre Williams
2. Myles Willis

After breaking out against Florida State, Myles Willis is finally on the depth chart for the Eagles. After watching last week's game it was clear that he has the potential to make explosive plays on all areas of offense and special teams. Army has been a mixed bag in terms of rushing defense, stuffing Louisiana Tech last weekend but struggling mightily against Wake Forest and Stanford. I expect BC to run the ball down their throats, and control the time of possession, something BC struggled with last year at West Point.

Wide Receiver
1. Alex Amidon, David Dudeck, Harrison Jackson or Spiffy Evans
2. Brian Miller, Dan Crimmins, Harrison Jackson (listed twice)

Wow that is some major changes in the wide receiver corp this week. First off, David Dudeck is now on to his second position change in less than a year, after being moved from safety to running back. At this point you have to shrug your shoulders and say why not? We now have a four game sample size to show that none of the other wide outs have done much of anything, and this has made life very difficult for Alex Amidon. Dudeck made a nice catch last weekend where he got plastered on the hit.

Marcus Grant continues to be out with an injury.

Y Back
1. C.J. Parsons
2. Michael Giacone or Louie Addazio

H Back
1. Mike Naples

C.J. Parsons had a great game against FSU. He showed some nice hands on his catches, and did well when BC went to the unbalanced line.

1. Jake Sinkovec
2. Bobby Wolford

Sinkovec deserves a lot of credit for the game he played last week and clearly he is the best FB on the team. Hopefully he can stay healthy for the remainder of the season because he provides BC with a solid weapon in the backfield both as a blocker and as we saw on Saturday as a pass catcher.

Left Tackle
1. Matt Patchan
2. Seth Betancourt or Dave Bowen

Right Tackle
1. Ian White
2. Jim Cashman

1. Andy Gallik
2. Frank Taylor

Right Guard
1. Harris Williams
2. Aaron Kramer

Left Guard
1. Bobby Vardaro
2. Paul Gaughan or Dan Lembke

No changes in the offensive line this week, which is good because with the exception of a drive breaking sack on Rettig this did pretty well against FSU. I see this group's cohesion improving each week, but what is interesting is that Army appears to have a solid pass rush. But look deeper and you see that 7 of them came against Louisiana Tech and Morgan State.

Defensive End
1. Kaleb Ramsey, Kasim Edebali
2. Kevin Kavalec, Brian Mihalik, Nick Lifka

Left Defensive Tackle

1. Jaryd Rudolph

2. Truman Gutapfel

Right Defensive Tackle

1. Dominic Appiah

2. Connor Wujciak

Some major changes are happening on the defensive line much of it due to the injury of DE Mehdi Abdesmad who has already been ruled out for the Army game. Rudolph was pushed up from his backup role to starter, and Gutapfel a true freshman will post likely get some playing time as well. Nick Lifka, is listed as a DE for the first time as well, which is a change from his usual role as a linebacker. And on the Right DT, Appiah will move up and get the start over Wujciak.

Strongside Linebacker
1. Kevin Pierre-Louis
2. Josh Keyes

Middle Linebacker
1. Steele Divitto
2. Sean Duggan

Weak-side Linebacker
1. Steven Daniels
2. Tim Joy or Mike Strizak

Nothing has changed here. I have been impressed by the play of Josh Keyes so far this year, he is a solid blitzer. Steven Daniels definitely improved last week over his play over the first three games.

Left Corner
1. Manny Asprilla
2. John Johnson or Al Louis Jean

Right Corner
1. Bryce Jones
2. C.J. Jones

Free Safety
1. Sean Sylvia
2. Justin Simmons OR Ted Davenport

Strong Safety
1. Justin Simmons
2. Dominique Williams OR Matt Milano

The big change here is that Spencer Rositano is out, with what could be a concussion after a hit last weekend. Luckily after chasing FSU receivers for a week they get to take on the Army offense, which runs the triple option and is dead last in the country in passing yards.

Kicker & Punter
1. Nate Freese
2. Alex Howell

Kick Return & Punt Return
1. Spiffy Evans
2. David Dudeck (on punts)
Myles Willis (on kickoffs)

1. Leonard Skubal
2. Mike Naples

What a game last weekend for this group. Spiffy Evans and Myles Willis has fantastic games making big plays that gave BC great field position. Freese looked solid on his field goals.