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Steve Addazio “Young Team” Meter: 9/29

A look at the youthiness

NCAA Football: Boston College vs Massachusetts Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

When last we left the Steve Addazio YoungTeamMeter, the Head Coach dropped 13 references to his team being young in his press conferences leading up to the Wagner game. Can he top that on Buffalo week? Time to find out!

ACC Conference Call, 9/28

“Freshmen or sophomores”: 0!

“Young Team”: 0!

“Young” without the “team”: 4

-We've got that young offensive line, and they just need to play together and get comfortable in their schemes, and so I thought we were able to do that.

-We have a lot of inconsistent play up front because we're a young offensive line

-And while I believe we've improved from a year ago up front, we're still kind of young, and young linemen don't play consistently, they make mental mistakes.

-You know, I think we're having a chance now to watch our -- we're young, we're inexperienced in our offense at the quarterback, right, because Pat has never run that kind of offense, and then we're inexperienced up front.

YouthMeter Total: 4

Weekly Press Conference, 9/26:

Freshmen/Sophomores: 0

Young Team: 1

-I thought we came out against Georgia Tech and actually played, for a young team, a fairly high level of execution for game one against a quality opponent in the place we played.

“Young” without Team: 7

-Offensively, with a young offensive line, one of the encouraging things I’m seeing is in protection we’ve done a pretty darn good job of protecting and not allowing sacks.

-Those two areas – O line and receiver – probably have a fair amount of upside, but we’re also pretty young there and need a lot of work.

-With young lineman, inexperienced linemen. They walked away from that like, ‘Ah, I got a better understanding, better grasp of that now.’

-What happens when you’re young up front, you’ve got to snap off the ball.

-Sometimes you can look slow when you’re a young lineman and you’re not confident to fire out.

-When you’re young, it’s like this [face in surprise].

-When you’ve got a young offensive line, you talk about things happening quick?

YouthMeter Total: 8


Buffalo Week Total: 12
Average Per Event: 6


YouthMeter history:

Wagner week: 13
Buffalo week: 12