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CBS Rates Boston College's Schedule The Easiest In The Power Five

No surprises here.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Fornelli of CBS's "Friday Five" column just dropped, ranking a new topic each week in college football. This week? The power 5's five easiest schedules.

BC tops the list, which includes Florida, Minnesota, Baylor and Clemson.

I doubt you'll find a single BC fan who disagrees with this assessment. We already know about how weak the non-conference schedule is this year - UMass, UConn, Buffalo and Wagner should really all be wins, even if BC is barely improved from last year's version of the team.

Fornelli makes an additional point: having Florida State on the road is sort of a benefit for BC as well - the Eagles probably weren't going to win that game even if it were at home, so playing another team at home instead of FSU is an additional advantage in a long string of possible toss-up games.

He wraps up with another statement we'd pretty much all agree with:

"So, congratulations, Boston College, you've got a relatively easy path to take this season. I don't know if it'll do anything to improve that win total, but if it doesn't, you'll have nobody but yourself to blame."

Indeed. Not only is the schedule soft this year, the front end of it is loaded with winnable games, meaning BC should be able to put themselves in a good position early on.

Between what one would hope would be improvement over a historically bad offense with a new QB and a new offensive coordinator, and a schedule that offers an opportunity to pile up some wins, perhaps it's no surprise that Vegas and analytical models are pegging BC for a four-win improvement over last year. It's an incredibly fair minimum expectation.