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ESPN Predicts "Best Case/Worst Case" For Boston College Football

Do you agree with their assessment?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's college football blog is currently going through the process of playing out the best case and worst case scenarios for each team this season. Given all the uncertainty surrounding BC - how good will the QBs be? how much will the young players improve? can they turn some of those close losses in to wins? how will the new coordinators do? - it should perhaps come as no surprise that there's a wide range of predictions on how BC can do this season.

Andrea Adelson's tour through the best/worse case scenarios reflects this.

For a "best case scenario," she foresees BC going bowling with "8 wins at a minimum", 1,000 yards+ of rushing for Jon Hilliman, and, interestingly, Darius Wade winning the QB position.

The "worst case scenario" is basically last season on repeat, right down to the offensive line being poor and the QB position being unstable. For a bottoming out, she says 3-9, with another winless ACC slate and a loss to UConn.

What do you think?

I can understand pundits looking at such a wide range of possible results for BC. They're likely to play in a number of close games again, unless the defense somehow falls off precipitously. In that light, there probably will be 4 or 5 games that could go either way.

That said, I don't think they could possibly fall as low as last year. I'd go with 5 wins as the worst case scenario (the 4 OOC games really should be quite doable, unless BC is remarkably banged up or demoralized by the time UConn comes in to town). 8 wins sounds about right for a strong season for this group where everything comes together - maybe 9, since the early half of the schedule should set them up nicely to bring a strong record down the stretch.