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Boston College vs. Georgia Tech Game In Ireland Threatened By Sanctioning Issue?

Some paperwork and some administrative issues persist with BC-Georgia Tech on the horizon

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday afternoon, Steve O'Rourke of The Journal in Ireland caused a bit of a stir with a tweet stating that the BC-Georgia Tech game scheduled for Dublin was "still unsanctioned":

Once the actual story was published on the Journal website, it seemed to be a little less big of deal than the tweets would have suggested.

The Irish American Football Association is required to sanction the BC-GT game as the official governing body of the sport in Ireland. However, they have not done so at this time, in part because Irish American Events Limited, which is putting on the game, owes the IAFA €11,500 in legal fees. According to the report, the IAFA is setting a Thursday deadline to receive the funds.

Full details are available in the Journal report, but organizers remain confident that the game will go on as planned. According to the article, the sanctioning process for the last college football game in Ireland took approximately two weeks.

As of right now, this seems like nothing to worry about, but this isn't the first time Irish American Events Limited has come under scrutiny. The GAA, which had previously put on college football games in Ireland, called it a "shell company" when they, and not the GAA, were given government support to host this matchup.

We'll keep our eye on this news as it develops.