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Once Retired BC Football Player Christian Lezzer, Decides To Play, Commits To UCF

Lezzer retired last season due to concussion

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Former Boston College linebacker Christian Lezzer has decided to return to collegiate football, and it's not going to be with the Eagles:

Lezzer, played in 2014 for the Eagles, where he recorded two tackles. He announced his retirement from college football in October of 2015 due to concussions. It seemed like football was going to be a thing of the past for the young football player. But according to his statement he met with a variety of experts in the field, and felt comfortable returning to the gridiron, so good for Christian.

I have no idea why he isn't returning to the Eagles. There could be a variety of reasons that might make Lezzer want to go in another direction. I don't think it's fair to him or the program to speculate on what those reasons could be.

Best of luck at UCF, Christian. #soar