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Reports: Boston College Coaching Staff Set To Participate In Satellite Camps

This could be huge for BC.

Tyler Smith/Getty Images

The biggest news in college football this offseason has been the legality and acceptance of satellite camps. These camps were created last year by college football programs to help coaches identify players that are not in their usual recruiting wheelhouse (i.e Northern schools trying to raid the south). At the center of this controversy is Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, who wanted to take his road show all over the country looking for future Wolverines. The camps were banned at the behest of some of the southern schools (i.e Nick Saban), but recently they were allowed, and Harbaugh has set up a whopping 24 camps in 15 states.

The big news here is that Boston College isn't sitting this out. According to a report in the Detroit Free Press Boston College will be in attendance at the Paramus Catholic High School Camp on June 8th. Paramus is a hot bed of talent, producing the nation's top recruit last year in Rashan Gary (who ended up at Michigan).

And according to Ohio State bloggers Eleven Warriors, Boston College staff will be in attendance at St. Thomas Aquinas in Florida invited by Coach Urban Meyer and his Ohio State staff. On June 16th they will be joined by the coaching staff of the Arizona Wildcats and Mississippi State Bulldogs. St. Thomas Aquinas is possibly one of the top schools in the country in terms of producing NCAA blue chip talent.

Why is this important for Boston College? This gets the coaching staff direct access to recruits they may not normally get to evaluate, along with getting the staff the opportunity to get face time with these kids. Will this pay dividends on the recruiting trail? Almost certainly this will end up being a positive for BC.