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North Carolina LGBT Law Could Impact ACC-Hosted Events

In a statement released yesterday, the ACC says member schools discussed the law during annual meetings.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

In a moment where something that happens at a macro level has trickle-down impacts to college sports, the ACC is discussing the recent law passed by the North Carolina legislature that critics say is discriminatory to LGBT rights.

In a statement reported by multiple reports through the Associated Press, the ACC stated that its member institutions discussed the law and any impact on conference-affiliated or hosted events throughout the state.

The ACC adopted a stance similar to a recent ruling from the NCAA Board of Governors, which is an anti-discrimination measure in evaluating bids to host sporting events. The ACC said that it would require commitments from current championship sites "to provide safe and inclusive environments."

This is not a political discussion about the basis of the law, if the law is justified or correct, or anything like that. This is merely to state that rulings have trickle down impacts to the college sports level. The NCAA for years banned sports events from taking place in South Carolina because of the presence of a Confederate battle flag that flew at the state capitol building.

For what it's worth, the South Carolina ruling only impacted really one sport. Baseball wasn't allowed to host its championship at the Charlotte Knights home stadium because it was technically located over the border in Fort Mill. The Knights have since moved into a new stadium inside the Charlotte city proper.

While the NCAA or ACC hasn't said anything about banning events in North Carolina, it's also a possibility. In that regard, it could be incredibly interesting how things move forward. The conference is headquartered in Greensboro, and nearly all of the league's championship games are played in the state. Most notably, the incredibly lucrative men's basketball tournament has been played in North Carolina - specifically Greensboro - 81% of the time (51 out of 63).

In addition, the football championship game has been held in Charlotte every year since 2010.