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Boston College Football: Tickets For Aer Lingus Classic Officially On Sale

20K tickets already sold, predominantly in the United States

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Tickets officially went on sale this week for the Aer Lingus College Football Classic, and early reports are indicating another sell out that will match the Navy-Notre Dame game from 2012 that brought over €85 to the Irish economy.

Over 20,000 tickets are sold, mainly in the United States, as Boston College and Georgia Tech get set for the season kickoff event. The game officially has a trophy as well, with the winner taking home the "Keough-Naughton Trophy."

Ticket prices are currently ranging from about €35 to €110 for premium level seatings, and a number of family tickets are available from €120. Boston College's seating will be in the West Stand with Georgia Tech tickets available in the East Stand. There was a mark that they'll be selling college jerseys for the teams, but it has not been released if the teams will wear different, special edition unis.

From the article, there's a couple of key points to take away as you potentially get set for a trip to Ireland in approximately five months:

-Talks are moving forward to send ESPN Sportscenter to the game to broadcast for over three hours prior to the kickoff live from Dublin. That would likely start coverage around 4:30 AM back here in Boston, but it would be incredible to see fans going wild behind the stage as they did prior to the Sportscenter that was hosted on the Friday night before the Florida State game. Additionally, fans are fast becoming the best way to televise events - see also: Gameday, College - as long as they show up and are loud and proud.

-Both Boston College and Georgia Tech are sending their marching bands and cheerleaders to hold pre-game festivities with. There will be tailgate parties and pep rallies at Trinity College Dublin, which is labeled as the "2016 Classic" headquarters.

-There's going to be a number of different events, including the Boston College Chief Executives Club Global Forum at Mansion House. It's listed as the first meeting outside of the United States and will be a huge global meeting of business leaders from Boston, Atlanta, Ireland, and Europe.

There is a negative to take away from the article, which stated that three high school football games will take place on the Trinity College Dublin grounds. All three games will feature schools from Atlanta - host to Georgia Tech - but will not feature any games with Massachusetts high schools. The three games are:

Westminster School vs. Community School (Naples, FL)
Blessed Trinity High School vs. St. Peter's Prep (Jersey City, NJ)
Marist High School vs. Belen Jesuit High School (Miami, FL)

While Massachusetts high school football is not considered on the caliber of southern states, there is a rich tradition among the Catholic schools up here. It's a bummer that teams like Xaverian and St. John's Prep - who features one of the all-time best quarterbacks in Boston College history as their head coach (Brian St. Pierre) - aren't involved in this.