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BC Releases Information About Project, Including Renderings Of Football Practice Facility

Here's the first look at the new IPF for the football team.

Boston College officially released details about the upcoming $200 million project for the new facilities enhancement, including its indoor practice facility. Included in the release are the first renderings of the IPF for the football team:


The facilities initiative will be an investment of approximately $200 million and will include a new recreational center to replace the Flynn Rec Complex adjacent to Alumni Stadium. The new rec complex will be located at the site of Edmonds Hall on Thomas More Drive, and it's already been approved by the City of Boston as part of the Institutional Master Plan of 2009.

The project will begin this summer after permits have been obtained by the City of Boston.

Once the rec complex is torn down, an indoor practice facility/field house will be built for the Boston college football program. "This announcement represents a commitment from Boston College to give our students the best facilities possible," said head coach Steve Addazio in a statement from the school. "We are very excited for an indoor facility that will provide our student-athletes an opportunity to develop throughout the winter months."

As mentioned previously, a new baseball and softball stadium on Brighton campus is also included in the project plan. Additional information will be made available to the Boston College Allston-Brighton Community Task Force and local residents in a pre-filing meeting.