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USA Today Projects Boston College vs. Temple in the Military Bowl

Good location, but no power five opponent

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Temple V Boston College

Every major bowl projection so far had BC going to either Detroit, Shreveport or St. Petersburg, but USA TODAY has introduced another possibility in to the mix: Annapolis.

USA TODAY’s Bowl Projections have Boston College heading to the Military Bowl to take on Temple, another former conference foe. The Military Bowl takes place Tuesday, December 27.

The Military Bowl is an ACC vs. AAC matchup, and most projections are pegging Temple as the AAC representative. However, NC State has more commonly been chosen as the ACC’s representative in most projections.

Temple is 9-3 pending a Saturday matchup with Navy in the AAC Championship Game. They faced one power five opponent out of conference, Penn State, losing 34-27; they also suffered a 28-13 loss at the hands of Army in the season opener, but recovered down the stretch to win 8 of their last 9 games, including a 37-10 trouncing of ECU in the regular season finale.

In theory, Annapolis is a great spot to pick BC, as it’s close enough to BC’s fan base that it’s one of the bowls fans may travel to. However, the Tuesday after Christmas and on the heels of two seasons that have sucked the enthusiasm out of the fanbase make it less likely that you’ll see much of a turnout for just about any game, really.

The BC-Temple matchup would be intriguing as a regional clash pitting Addazio against his former team, and a 6-6 middling power 5 team against a very good team from the Group of 5. But in terms of excitement to the fanbase and potential impact for the program it probably lags behind the possibility of playing a South Carolina or even a Maryland. What do you think?