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Vice Sports Projects Boston College vs. South Carolina in the Independence Bowl

Shreveport again, against a power conference foe?

Boston College v Wake Forest Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

In the Take It For What It’s Worth department, Vice Sports was one of the first sites to update its bowl projections with most of Saturday’s games complete.

According to Kevin Trahan at Vice Sports, BC will be heading back to Shreveport, LA, for a trip to the Independence Bowl - this time against the South Carolina Gamecocks, a team also likely to end 6-6 (they’re currently getting blown out by Clemson as we speak).

The Independence Bowl takes place on Monday, December 26 - as do the other two games that seem to be the likeliest destinations for BC, the St. Petersburg Bowl and Detroit’s Quick Lane Bowl.

The only other realistic possibilities seem to be the Military Bowl in Annapolis on Dec. 27, or maybe the Birmingham Bowl on December 29. There seem to be a lot of moving pieces here, largely dependent on whether Clemson finishes the job and gets in to the CFB playoff, but those three destinations seem likeliest.