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Steve Addazio is not a fan of critics on social media

Transcript from tonight’s radio show segment, in which Addazio delivers a masterful audio subtweet

NCAA Football: ACC Football Kickoff Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight was the newest edition of the BC Football Radio Show, filmed on site at Jake N Joe’s in Waltham. You can watch the entire show by going to @BCFootball on Twitter and watching each segment via Periscope.

Here is the video and a selected transcript from the first segment, in which Steve Addazio, along with the BC radio team of Jon Meterparel and Pete Cronan, offer their thoughts on the program’s critics, social media, and external pressures.


“What happens is, the external pressures that get put on, to me, have been incredible. I’m in to solutions, I’m in to what do we have to do to help this team develop and grow. I’m not in to what do we have to do to tear it down. But that’s the nature of the beast…

That’s the state of affairs, with pro and college sports. With social media, everyone’s got a voice. And it can be very negative and cutting. And I’m not really sure, when people do that, what their end game is. I mean, is your end game just to tear people down? If that makes you feel good, keep doing it.”


“I had this conversation with a friend of mine today. The trouble is, anybody with an attitude has access to anybody who’s willing to listen to it. A lot of people are out there sitting in their boxer shorts, picking their nose writing hostile messages about your program, and it’s invisible, you can’t identify who the source is other than…”


“Twitter tough guys.”


“Come on...”


“I know this. I don’t feel better if I were to spend my day knocking people down.

You know what I’m in to? I’m in to guys like you guys who want to see us be successful. You love Boston College and you want the best for Boston College, and both of you would do anything you could do be of any help you could possibly be to help continue to grow this program and make it better. That’s your heart, that’s where your heart is, and that’s a beautiful thing, and that’s what we appreciate.

And some people are like that. Fr. Leahy, Fr. Jack – they’re unbelievable. They want what’s best for you and they want you to be successful.

Then you have other people, I’m not sure what their agenda is and I’ll never figure it out. So what’s the point of worrying about it…

It’s my job to continue developing this program, and that’s what I’m going to do.”