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Steve Addazio Postgame: “Every game is the same to me; I don’t care ACC, not ACC”

Addazio addresses the media in his postgame press conference

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Aside from a few injury updates, the most noteworthy moment from Steve Addazio’s postgame press conference yesterday was when he was asked about BC’s long ACC losing streak.

The question: given that this was likely to be the last ACC game the Eagles would be favored in, was he worried about getting the ACC monkey off their back?

His answer:

“Here's the way I look at this quite honestly, and every game is the same to me; I don't care ACC, not ACC. You pour your heart and soul into winning the football game; that's all you do. Player, coach, everybody. You pour your heart and soul into it. It is what it is.

We've got another game next week, and we've got to rock and roll and we've got to get ready to play. My concern right now is getting our players back on the field healthy and keeping positive energy and positive momentum going because you can see where the places are to fix them. You can see where they are."

Aside from that point, Addazio gave some injury updates.

On Patrick Towles, Addazio said he suffered a hamstring injury during his long touchdown run.

"He tried to go, and you know, you saw him when he had to pull it down and run to the sideline. I just couldn't let that kid pop that hamstring on himself... he had to come out of that game for his own health."

Addazio added that Jon Hilliman and Connor Strachan were held out of Saturday’s game due to pre-existing injuries.

The other major highlight of note was Addazio addressing the scrum near the Syracuse bench, in which a Syracuse staff member appeared to put his hands on one of BC’s players. Addazio said he wasn't going to comment on that particular issue, and added that he wanted to "let the proper people take a look at it and make the proper decision."