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Boston College 35, Buffalo 3: Lance Leipold Postgame Quotes

Buffalo’s coach addresses the press

Buffalo v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Buffalo’s coach spoke with reporters following his team’s 35-3 loss to Boston College. Transcript courtesy of

Q. I guess first off, we kind of knew that the defense was going to be really good for Boston College and it was going to be a struggle to get things going offensively, but are you surprised how much the offense struggled today?

"Yeah, yeah, I was. They're a physical group and you could see reacted real well, come downhill. Never had any semblance of any type of sustained drive or movement, so that's disappointing."

Q. What were you thinking going in to try to attack them? Were you hoping to get some quick things on the perimeter like screens?

"Yeah. You know, you could see that some of the quick throws out to the perimeter how fast they rallied, just missed a couple blocks on the perimeter, we were trying to mix it up and trying to take some shots, as well, and never fully -- when you're not getting 1st downs it's hard to gain any semblance of any momentum of a drive and to get rid of it play calling. It's frustrating all the way around."

Q. How about Jordan Johnson, the inside zone play?

"What -- I'm not sure what you're asking."

Q. Why weren't you able to run the ball on them?

"Physical group up front, get movement. I'd have to look at the film to say what exactly. We lost Tyler O'Henly Wednesday in practice to a concussion. We have a true freshman rotating in there, a right tackle who's a senior who's never started a game. He's only played two years of offense, never started a game. The other guy rotated in as a freshman. I can't say -- it's not an excuse, it's fact. You know, getting consistent movement was highly evident."

Q. Tyree didn't really try the read option keeper. Were they staying home at end or did you tell him going in that it wasn't probably going to be there?

"Yeah, we had pure option in, too, and with the conditions we just felt it's not something we live and die by, so that got eliminated off the play chart pretty quickly. Then there's some things there that they might have missed one or something, I heard Andy talking about it, but I can't say every one -- these are conversations I'll kind of flip back over. I don't know what he saw. He ran it three times, so again, credit them. They're a top-10 defense in the country, and I think we saw that."

Q. Schreck is a good weapon for you, Milano is sort of their star linebacker, 28. Didn't seem like he was giving him any separation. What did you see from the linebacking corps?

"Actually improved, confident, and you could see the experience and the speed they play on a weekly basis. You know, their ability to read, react and get downhill. Didn't get off press conference as well as I'd hoped. We wanted to take some shots, but some of the double move stuff we had, Tyree got hit on the throws, so it kind of snowballs on you, unfortunately."

Q. Just 16 points in the first half in four games so far combined; how do you get off to a better start going forward, because that's obviously an issue?

"Yeah, it's kind of been our nemesis for a while, and we've talked about it in fall camp, we've talked about it in different ways. We've changed practice to try to get into 11-on-11 stuff like we would coming out in a game. It's something we've got to get better at, and we've got to keep exploration all options."

Q. Starting MAC play, looking forward to getting that started now, because it's kind of a clean slate, right?"

Yeah, that's what we talked about in the locker room is that we win this game today, we'd be all excited, but we'd still be starting MAC play next week, and it's 0-0 in the conference, and that's where you're going to battle for, where we're at right now. It's unfortunate we couldn't have found a way to build off momentum of last week, but I'm confident in this group, their willingness to be coached, take accountability from what's not correct and work at it. And that's the thing, even at the end there, the last drive, we had a lot of guys in the game that had never played before. Jake Ames is in there, Matt Otwinowski is a true freshman playing quite a bit today, Dev Lamour made his first appearance of the season, been hurt for over a month. We had some guys out there, and I thought we continued to play hard, just not obviously the result we needed."

Q. What did you think of your front seven against their run game?

"Yeah, I haven't looked at the stats yet. I probably should have. I thought it was solid. Just off the start, there's a few things that bounced or they did some things -- late in the game they tried to spread us out I think a little bit and tried to get some things, but for the first three quarters I thought we held in there pretty good, got in some 4th down situations. Again, I still think our defensive line and really front seven is a solid group. If we keep them healthy, we'll see how they carry us on into conference play." "Obviously at this point and as we work to get better, our defense is going to be one of the things that will be able to carry us a little bit more as we look for consistency on offense."