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Get To Know The Defensive Coordinator Candidates: Clemson DB Coach Mike Reed

Could an ACC assistant be the answer?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports


2000-2001: Receivers Coach/Tight End Coach/Secondary Coach (Richmond)

2002-2006: Assistant Coach (Philadelphia Eagles)

2007-2012: Secondary Coach (N.C. State)

2013-Present: Secondary Coach/Assistant Coach (Clemson)

Why Reed?

There are a quite a few reasons why Mike Reed would make a lot of sense for Boston College. First, he's a BC grad, who played for the Eagles during the early 90's, graduating in 1994. Would love to see a BC guy here (of course you want the best guy here too, but a good fit that is a BC guy is win/win). Secondly, he has been an excellent defensive back coach that has helped develop talent, but also brought one of the nation's best defenses. This is something Addazio has to have seen up close and personal. Finally, he has coached in the ACC, knows the Atlantic Division well, and has put together secondaries who can shut down good receivers.

Also, for all of us wondering why BC hasn't named a coach, could it be because they are waiting to announce a candidate until after he finishes his duties after the National Title Game?

Why Not Reed?

It's hard to find a connection between Reed and Addazio, something that this current administration seems to favor. He also doesn't appear to have connections to anyone in the Urban Meyer/Paul Pasqualoni coaching tree either, which would make it seem like a stretch for the Eagles.

Also, he a young up-and-comer, and with the ground kind of shaky for Steve Addazio, would a relative stranger want to pin his future on what could be a lame duck coach?

The Bottom Line

I know Blauds is touting Jim Reid of Iowa right now, but Mike Reed seems like an intriguing option to me. With the radio silence from Boston College that's either a strategic move from the administration, or possibly the school waiting for another team's season to end before they publicly announce it.

With National Signing Day less than a month away, I would assume BC would want to have their DC in place so they can communicate this to recruits. There haven't been any de-commits as of late, so I have to wonder if they already know who it is and have communicated that their commits. Of course this is all speculation, but makes you think.