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Scouting Boston College's Future Opponents: Week 1

A look at how BC's upcoming opponents fared over the weekend

Week 1 of the college football season is just about in the books, with only Ohio State and Virginia Tech set to cap off what has been a fairly interesting opening weekend. BC started unconvincingly with a 24-3 win over FCS Maine. How did their opponents fare? How did those results impact our confidence that BC will win their upcoming games? Let's take a look through the upcoming schedule.

Howard, Week 2: Lost to Appalachian State, 49-0; now 0-1

Let this be the first of many times we are likely to write this over the next 7 or so days: there was really no good reason to schedule a game against Howard (other than maybe inviting their band, which apparently won't be happening). If BC doesn't win this game in a major blowout, fans are going to leave disappointed. That's not intended to disrespect Howard, that's just a fact of life, particularly after Howard got rocked by Appalachian State. Win Confidence: 99.999% (going up)

#10 Florida State, Week 3: Win vs. Texas State, 59-16; now 1-0

I think FSU could experience some growing pains this year, but if the game against Texas State is any indication, they'll be able to grow through those growing pains pretty quickly. The first half was a little shaky, with FSU taking a 21-10 lead to the break, but Florida State blew the doors off their overmatched opponents in the second half. Everett Golson threw 4 touchdown passes, serving notice that FSU is still strong at QB. Win Confidence: 30% (going down)

Northern Illinois, Week 4: Win vs. UNLV, 38-30; now 1-0

NIU got locked into a shootout with a UNLV team that has struggled in recent years, indicating that they might not quite be a borderline top 25 team just yet. However, their passing attack was very good (360 yards, 2 TDs) as advertised, which could pose a challenge for BC's secondary. Win Confidence: 55% (staying even)

at Duke, Week 5: Win at Tulane, 37-7; now 1-0

While it's not discussed much, BC's game at Duke could turn out to be one of the biggest of the year. Duke is written off by many because they were so bad for so long, but they've obviously been pretty good in recent years and a BC win there is no gimme. Last year, Duke hosted Tulane and won 47-13. This year, they returned the trip and won by a similar margin. Win Confidence: 50% (staying even)

vs. Wake Forest, Week 6: Win vs. Elon, 41-3; now 1-0

In an alternate universe, BC was playing Elon on Saturday. That's about the only pithy comment I have to make about Wake's win. We'll learn a little more about the Deacons next week against Syracuse. Win Confidence: 80% (staying even)

at #12 Clemson, Week 7: Win vs. Wofford, 49-10; now 1-0

I'm not quite sure what Wofford is but a 49-10 thumping in week 1 is unlikely to change the perception that @ Clemson is BC's least likely win of the year. Win Confidence: 10% (staying even)

at Louisville, Week 8: Loss vs. Auburn, 31-24; now 0-1

To me, this game had the worst possible result. It would have been cool to see Louisville win, because #goacc. But it also would have been kind of nice to see Auburn rip them to shreds and make me feel more confident that Lousville won't be such an imposing threat in the Atlantic this year. No such luck - they acquited themselves well. Win Confidence: 15% (staying even)

vs. Virginia Tech, Week 9: playing Ohio State tonight

Virginia Tech will look for another upset victory over Ohio State tonight at Lane Stadium. Unless they come out and show why they've gotten some serious preseason hype, I'm going to like BC's chances at home to beat VT for the third straight season. Win Confidence: 55% (staying even)

vs. NC State, Week 10: Win vs. Troy, 49-21; now 1-0

The ACC's Perpetual Sleeping Giant started with a big win over Troy, so it's only a matter of time before they end up in the top 25, right? Win Confidence: 65% (staying even)

#11 Notre Dame, Week 12: Win vs. Texas,  38-3; now 1-0

I know this is not once-mighty Texas, but Notre Dame looked awfully good dismantling the Longhorns. (What the hell happened to Texas, anyway?)  The game was never in doubt. Win Confidence: 35% (going down)

at Syracuse, Week 13: Win vs. Rhode Island, 47-0; now 1-0

The biggest thing to come out of this game was the injury to Syracuse starting QB Terrel Hunt, which will put him out for the season. Tough break for the Orange. Win Confidence: 80% (going up)