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Week 2 College Football Gambling Odds: With Boston College Off The Board Again, We Look Around The ACC

With the Eagles off the board, we look around the ACC

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Generally speaking, FBS vs. FCS games don't get lines. As such, for the second straight week, Boston College's game is "off the board." So without any odds to report for the Eagles this year, let's take a look around the ACC.

Tonight, 8 PM

Ohio State (-14) at Virginia Tech

In one of this weekend's biggest games, Virginia Tech looks to repeat last year's upset win over Ohio State. While they're already considered pretty healthy underdogs, couldn't you easily see Ohio State blowing them out?

Friday, 8 PM

Miami (-16 1/2) at Florida Atlantic

The Hurricanes make the trip to lower level in-state team Florida Atlantic, mirroring what we've seen recently from Michigan State traveling to Western Michigan, Auburn traveling to Southern Miss, and Penn State traveling to Temple, among others... something to keep in mind when both administrators and fans occasionally give the impression that BC should consider ourselves to be too good to ever travel to play UMass, UConn or a MAC team. Anyway, to stick to the topic: this should be an easy win for Miami. But three scores easy?

Saturday, 11:30 AM

South Florida at Florida State (-29)

While BC fans have hoped that the two "warmup" games before Florida State will help the Eagles get up to full throttle before facing FSU, the 'Noles don't exactly have a gauntlet in the first two weeks either. Vegas projects a big blowout.

Saturday, 12 PM

Houston at Louisville (-12 1/2)

Louisville looks to build off their strong showing against Auburn by putting a win on the board.

Saturday, 12:30 PM

Wake Forest at Syracuse (-5 1/2)

It's appropriate that one of the ultimate #goacc matchups is the first ACC clash of the year for each team. Coming off a big win over vaunted Rhode Island, we'll see if Syracuse can live up to their billing as favorites.

Saturday, 12:30 PM

Appalachian State at Clemson (-21)

Another thrilling early-season matchup.

Saturday, 3:30 PM

Tulane at Georgia Tech (-27 1/2)

GT narrowly misses out on being the most-heavily-favored ACC team of the week.

Saturday, 3:30 PM

Notre Dame (-10) at Virginia

After their impressively lopsided win over Texas, Notre Dame faces a potentially tricky trip to UVA. It would be easy to see this one going either way.

Saturday, 6:00 PM

Pittsburgh (-11 1/2) at Akron

#MACtion for the Panthers, with early action on Akron (the line opened at Pitt -14).

Off the board:

BC-Howard (Saturday, 1 PM)
Virginia Tech-Furman (Saturday, 3:30 PM)
North Carolina A&T at UNC (Saturday, 6 PM)
NC Central at Duke (Saturday, 6 PM)

So, Week 2 feature four FCS clashes, and every game being a double-digit spread except for Wake Forest vs. Syracuse in a conference game. Feel the fever!!!