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Eagles In The NFL: NFL Teams Make New Round Of Cuts. Who Made A Roster?

Who made their squad? Who didn't?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

NFL teams had to get closer to their final roster size of 53 last night and numerous teams made moves that effected former Eagles trying to make a roster.

Earlier this week cornerback Al Louis Jean, who saw starting time at CB for the Bears last year, was cut by Chicago. San Diego also decided they were going to part ways with former BC signal caller Chase Rettig and recent graduate, cornerback Manny Asprilla. Tight end Chris Pantale was also cut by the Tampa Bay Bucs.

News for NFL hopefuls was a mixed bag yesterday, as a new round of cuts were announced. Offensive guard Bobby Vardaro was cut by the Minnesota Vikings. However Kaleb Ramsey, who missed all of a last season with an injury, and Ian Silberman another offensive lineman currently are still with the 49ers. Andy Gallik, now an offensive guard/center combo is soaring up the depth chart in Tennessee and by all accounts looks to have a spot with his new club.

In Pittsburgh, two Eagles got different news on Friday evening. Unfortunately wide receiver Shakim Phillips, who made some big time plays in the pre-season, was cut by the Steelers. However, converted WR and former BC quarterback Tyler Murphy made the team. Early in the preseason Murphy was lauded for his versatility, which near the end of a roster can be very valuable.

There are still more cuts that will be made, and players who have been cut still can find new homes. Cross your fingers that these Eagles find continued success in the NFL.