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Florida State 14, Boston College 0: Time For Soul-Searching On Offense

Eagles offense struggles in loss

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

For better or for worse, for two years under Steve Addazio and former OC Ryan Day, I always felt like BC had an identity on offense and knew what exactly their strengths were and how to play to them. For pretty much the first time in the three year reign, I didn't get that sense tonight.

BC's offense looked lost, confused and out of ideas against #9 FSU in a 14-0 loss. While I'm not one to fly off the handle over a narrow defeat to a very good team, the lack of offensive identity was very troubling.

The other big stories of the night were the defense, which was absolutely phenomenal, and the injury to QB Darius Wade, who went down with an injury in the 4th and was seen on crutches.

The FSU offense sliced BC for an easy score on their first drive but then was utterly stymied from there on out. FSU's only other score came on a fumble return in the fourth quarter, a crushing mistake by the BC offense.

Jeff Smith came in after Wade went down but was replaced mid-drive by Troy Flutie. That one was a head scratcher to me, but I'm not sure it mattered. The offense will need to go back to the drawing board next week whoever the QB is.