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Boston College vs. Florida State: Guess The Attendance

How many people will be present for BC's biggest home game of the year?

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

As we've covered and discussed extensively, BC is coming off two of its lowest attendance weeks in recent memory, with sub-30,000 crowds for each of the first two games. However, those games were against FCS Maine and Howard - so presumably, there will be an uptick for tonight's game against #9 Florida State.

That said, Friday night games have been tricky, attendance-wise. They're designed for the fan sitting at home watching on ESPN - not for the fan trying to get to the game. This is BC's third straight year with a Friday night game; 2013 vs. Wake Forest drew 32,465 and last year vs. Pitt drew 30,083.

With a marquee opponent coming to town, BC will be hoping to top 40K, as they did for both USC and Clemson last year. However, the combination of the Friday night factor and BC's absurdly high ticket prices for this game (the "get in the door" price is $55, and up until recently, you had to buy a mini-plan or season tickets to be able to purchase tickets to this game) make me think that there will be plenty of space to spread out in the upper deck.

My guess is somewhere around 39,000. What do you think?