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BC Interruption Three Stars Of The Week: Bobby Swigert Is This Week's #1

Introducing a new feature at BCI

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Each week, our esteemed staff and also Grant will vote on the BC Interruption Three Stars of the Week, casting our votes on who stood out over the past week in Boston College athletics. Athletes (and I guess coaches and staff) from all BC teams will be eligible to be nominated. We'll have a vote on Monday after each weekend, and post the results on Wednesday (yes, I know today is Thursday. The long weekend messed with my brain.). We'll also throw up a poll to ask readers if they agree with our choice for the #1 star of the week.

Over the course of the season we'll tally up standings to see who is the #1, #2 and #3 star of the year, sort of like the NHL does. The #1 star of the year will receive a fabulous prize of nothing at all, because we support NCAA rules compliance. Sound good? Alright, let's move on.

I imagine that some weeks, voting will be pretty easy as certain players really stand out. This week was a little bit more complicated as there were quite a few different ways to go with it. Focus on the football team's stifling defense? Tyler Rouse's touchdowns? Or some of the other action that went on away from the gridiron, like AshLeigh Sebia's overtime game winning goal to knock off Maryland?

But at the end of the day, it was the comeback story of the year so far that won the week.

Here's how the voting went down:

#1 Star: Bobby Swigert, football. 14 points, 3 first place votes >> Swigert caught a touchdown pass to give BC the lead late in the first half against Maine on Saturday, completing a remarkable comeback from numerous surgeries.

#2 Star: AshLeigh Sebia, field hockey. 11 points, 2 first place votes >> Sebia scored the game winning goal for the Eagles as they knocked off #3-ranked Maryland for the first time in program history.

#3 Star: Tyler Rouse, football. 9 points, 2 first place votes >> Rouse got love from voters for his pair of second half touchdowns that finished off the Black Bears on Saturday.

The Honorable Mentions:

#4 Atobra Ampadu, men's soccer. 8 points, 1 first place vote >> Ampadu narrowly missed the podium. He scored two goals in a one minute span last Friday to help deliver a win for BC over SMU.

#5 Harold Landry, football. 3 points >> Landry got some love for his mammoth sack of Maine's QB and his contributions to BC's outstanding rushing defense.

#6 Matt Milano, football. 2 points >> Milano picked up a pair of sacks in his debut as a starting linebacker for the Eagles and AJ rewarded him with a second place vote.

#7 Jerry York, hockey. 1 point >> One of our voters decided that even though he didn't necessarily do anything in particular this week, Jerry York should get a third place vote. I won't say who it was but their name starts with L and rhymes with "Maura."

Mehdi Abdesmad was named Atlantic Coast Conference Defensive Lineman of the Week, so he deserves a shoutout here as well despite not making the podium.

The season-long three stars standings after Week 1:

Bobby Swigert, 3 points
AshLeigh Sebia, 2 points
Tyler Rouse, 1 point

Vote in our poll and let us know if you agree with our choice for who won the week.