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Better Know A Dude 2015: #37 Fullback A.J. Caruso

You may not know his name, but get to know A.J. Caruso!

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Name: A.J. Caruso

Position: Fullback

Number: #37

Year: Senior

Height: 6-foot-1

Weight: 234 lbs.

Hometown: West Allenhurst, NJ

High School: Ocean Township

2013 Stats: Did not play.

2014 Stats: Did not play.

2015 Projections: Interestingly he changed from linebacker to fullback, wonder if that will help him find the field. If not he could see time as a special teamer.

How'd He Get Here: Recruited walk on.

Twitter Feed:You can follow A.J. at @AJCar12 (Protected Account)

Uniform History: The first Eagle to wear #37 was Frank Wilson a guard who wore it from 1920-23. David Couhig a guard from Beverly who was captain in 1930 wore it as well. Alex MacLellan an outside linebacker who was captain in 1974 wore the number as well. Most recently a group of scout teamers have had #37, Hampton Hughes wore it during the Spaz years, and last year walk on kicker Will Mahar and wide receiver Drew Barksdale wore it.


Get To Know A Dude: #61 LB A.J. Caruso (BC Interruption)

Highlights: Someone who know's A.J. apparently uploaded this video....