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Boston College Football Returns Next Week And We've Got Your Coverage..Well..Covered

Wonder what we have in store for this football season? You'll find out soon enough!

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It's amazing how it feels like the Pinstripe Bowl loss to Penn State happened both forever ago and just yesterday. But starting on Monday, we begin counting down the days until the end of the week. A week with an actual Game Day is finally upon us, and as the anticipation grows, it's worth noting some of the analysis we'll be doing leading up to Saturdays.

Here's a look at some of the content we'll be dropping on you throughout the week:

Weekly Kickoff

Each Monday, we'll start off the week by reviewing some of the thoughts to get things underway. We'll preview some of the storylines entering the week, and we'll try to tie everything together to set the tone leading up until Game Day. While we're at it, we'll poke some fun, throw some shade, and probably offend someone in the process.

GIF Recap

This is more of a newer thing we're going to try out this year. During hockey season, you can get a goal-by-goal GIF recap of the game thanks to GIF Master Grant Salzano. We'll attempt to do much of the same with football, giving you a GIF recap of some of the big plays and turning points, with analysis of the previous week's game.

Steve Addazio Press Conferences

One of the more popular turns of the week from last season are the two press conferences featuring Steve Addazio. At the beginning of each week, we'll have the press conference held locally from BC, and we'll top that off with his ACC weekly media call in the middle of the week. Like we've done throughout the preseason, we'll have reactions to what he has to say, allowing you to weigh in with the comment section about his views from the previous week and the upcoming game.

Weekly Q&A's

One of our annual features is a weekly Q&A with someone covering the week's opponent. While typically tougher with teams like Maine or Howard, we'll have Q&A features with the majority of BC's opponents from the SB Nation family of blogs. It's a great way to learn the opinion of BC from the other side, as well as a great way to get insight into the Eagles' weekly opponent.

Depth Chart and Recruiting Notebook

Another popular segment of our week includes a look at the Eagles' Two-Deep leading up to their weekly game. It's a way to see who's improving, who's getting a shot, who might be in some trouble, and who might be solidifying their role on the team. This year, we're adding to it with a look at in-season recruiting.

Eagles in the NFL

The Eagles play on Saturday, but check in with the Eagles who are playing on Sundays.

Throwback Thursdays With Coach

Because the only thing better than reliving the old days is to relive the old days with COACH!

Film Study

Each Friday, get the breakdown on the weekly opponent based on how they've played. This will include highlights and GIFs of both BC and their opponent in an attempt to determine the keys for the game.

Gambling Odds and Picks

Throughout the week, Joe and Dan will give you the gaming preview for the week. Joe will provide the latest odds for the upcoming week's game, while Dan will provide you with picks and potential upsets at the end of the week. Hopefully, this will help you identify your upset specials for Saturday. Just don't expect Dan to put on headgear like Lee Corso.

AJ's Final Thoughts

Also on Friday, AJ's final thoughts will provide the soundtrack and bar selection for your tailgate and game day experience. It'll also give the final predictions for the week and our score predictions. If that doesn't do it for you, we got two words for you:

caw caw


Of course the featured piece of each week is our game day coverage. We'll have live, open threads of each BC game for you to comment and interact with Eagles fans throughout the game. Every week, our thread and message board captures the absolute raw emotion of what happens during the game. This season, we'll also be providing updates and in-game GIFs whenever available.

After the game, stay tuned for recaps and reactions, including numbers, tweetcaps, and quotables. Don't forget about AJ's Good, Bad, and Ugly, which is always the kneejerk reaction to the week and provides the final stamp of what's always a huge week of coverage.

As always, this is a fluid list, so if you have any suggestions for coverage, be sure to let us know! Got a favorite segment? Be sure to weigh in. Get ready, Eagles—GAME DAY is fast approaching!