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BCI Radio, Take Two: Jon Meterparel To Join BC Interruption Radio On Tuesday

Meter had to miss the show this Tuesday due to unforeseen circumstances, but he's going to be calling in next week to talk about BC football. Personally, we just think it provides better buildup. #TakeABow

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

If you tuned into BCI's radio show on Tuesday, you were probably expecting us to provide a preseason interview with the "Voice of the Eagles," radio play-by-play man Jon Meterparel.

Unfortunately, Jon was unable to make it onto the show due to unforeseen circumstances. But that's quite alright, since we'll have an exciting opportunity to speak with him during game week one day after he interviews head coach Steve Addazio on his own radio show on WEEI AM on Monday.

Jon has graciously rescheduled to join us on Tuesday as a make-up date for being unable to make it on air this past week.

If you missed this past week's show, don't worry about it. We had a great show highlighted by some fantastic callers, including our own commenter 95Dougie95 from the message boards. AJ and Dan fielded questions and talked about the team's upcoming prospects, bringing home the podcast after just about an hour.

If you'd like to relive the show, you can always click on the show's posted article here on BC Interruption. You can also go visit the show's homepage on Blog Talk Radio by clicking here.

Finally, if you'd like to subscribe to automatically listen to BCI Radio, feel free to do so through iTunes. All of the BCI Radio shows archive to iTunes and are readily accessible on your iPhone or iPod.

Also remember that you can call in at 646-200-0446 at any time during the upcoming weeks. We will be providing shows to you each Tuesday at 8 PM live.

Don't forget about some of the other BC media content available throughout the week. On Mondays, "Meter" is hosting BC head coach Steve Addazio on a talk show from 7-8 PM broadcast on WEEI AM 850 in Boston. After listening to BCI Radio on Tuesdays, we'll be part of a 30-minute "ACC Breakdown" broadcast with other league bloggers (including several SB Nation personalities) on Wednesday nights as part of Mark Rogers TV.

Keep an eye out at the BCInterruption Twitter account for full details throughout the week!