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Boston College Football 2015: Eagle Offense Breaks Through In Final Scrimmage

After the defense dominated over the weekend, the offense finally broke through and showed off some of its potential for the upcoming season.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Through the first two scrimmages in the 2015 preseason, the predominant storyline focused on the new Boston College and its new players' success—or at least the lack thereof. The defense dominated in the first two scrimmages, highlighted with a multi-turnover performance over the weekend in the second battle between the two units.

On Wednesday, however, the offense finally struck back. Myles Willis rushed for three touchdowns and Sherm Alston broke off a 61 yard catch-and-run touchdown reception as the first unit Eagle offense did some mega damage to the defense.

Here's some of the quick hit highlights. We'll recap with quotes a little later today:

- The running backs were the lone highlight of the offense through the first couple of weeks, but Myles Willis' performance was a breakthrough. As much as we talk about Jon Hilliman and Marcus Outlow, it's easy to forget that Willis might be one of the best all-purpose backs in the ACC. The junior broke off a 17-yard touchdown for his long run and provided a solid presence around the goal line.

- It looks like Elijah Robinson is starting to position as the top wide receiver. With Ben Glimes out injured, the recently-converted Robinson (who started camp as a quarterback) hauled in a 20-yard touchdown catch from Troy Flutie, the second touchdown reception of the day for the offense. He also hauled in a 40-plus yard reception from Jeff Smith.

- When I see what Sherm Alston is capable of, I sometimes think about when John Madden said the New England Patriots needed to play for overtime in Super Bowl XXXVI. I've made it no secret that I believe Alston shouldn't be used on every down, that he shouldn't be an every play wide receiver, and that using him every single play is just asking for him to get crunched over the middle. But when he makes a catch and breaks off a touchdown with YAC galore, I feel pangs of regret.

- That said, I still don't want to see him on the field on every single down, and he's definitely not going to be the type of receiver who plays out on the end. I don't think you send him downfield, but it'll be interesting to see what happens with him in the season.

- It's a great thing that Troy Flutie was able to connect with Elijah Robinson. AJ and I talked about him during the radio show on Tuesday, and we agreed that maybe Flutie deals with undue pressure because of his last name. BC fans either immediately write him off because he's a Massachusetts QB or fall in love with him because he was one of the best QBs ever to come out of the state (statistically). I think we should start seeing him for what he is: a work in progress still adjusting to the collegiate game.

- According to Eagle Action's Gethin Coolbaugh, Marcus Outlow and Tim Joy sustained injuries early on in the scrimmage. Outlow fumbled on a third down, short yardage run near the goal line and was escorted off by trainers with an apparent arm injury. Joy limped off with an apparent right knee injury.

- The offense did commit a couple of turnovers, including an interception by freshman defensive back Lukas Denis. I'm continuing my #EverettPride series of stumping for Denis. I know he's a big hitter who loves contact. Seeing him get the pick is a great sign for what I believe will be an impact player.

- Steven Daniels also registered an interception.

- Call this one buried down in the bottom, but Alex Howell is officially the starting kicker. He made a 41 yard field goal from the left side during the scrimmage while still holding up the punting duties. Despite a challenge from sophomore Mike Knoll and incoming freshman Colton Lichtenberg, it's Howell's job to lose to start the season. This is not uncommon; Nate Freese pulled double duty as the kicker/punter for the Eagles during his tenure that ended two years ago.