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Boston College Football: H-Back/WR Brendan Nosovitch Transfers To Boston College

He is on campus and ready to play with the Eagles

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

It has been in the works for weeks, but sources at Boston College confirm that QB/TE Brendan Nosovitch has been cleared to join the Eagles. If you remember, reports came out a few weeks ago in his local paper that Nosovitch had indeed transferred to BC, but for reasons unclear, his official transfer was held up.

Nosovitch is coming to Boston College from the University of South Carolina, where he was recruited as a quarterback. He struggled to find playing time in Steve Spurrier's system, so he was converted to tight end, but again did not find playing time. He is coming to Boston College not as a quarterback, but as an H-back/wide receiver, basically playing the role of Josh Bordner in 2014. He has the body size and fit that would work perfectly in a role that demands the ability to catch, but also the ability to throw blocks when needed.

People may ask why Nosovitch is not going to be a quarterback, and the answer is simple: recruiting. 2016 quarterback Anthony Brown is committed to the Eagles right now, and I'm sure BC talked to him about the future of the program and where he lies in the plans of the future if he works hard. Nothing is more dejecting to a kid, and makes a school look bad, then saying "Hey want to be our school's QB? Oh you do? Great!" and then four months later taking a transfer with years of eligibility left. Not a good move for the Anthony Brown recruitment, and not a good look for the school in general especially for QB's like Troy Flutie, Elijah Robinson and Jeff Smith who also probably heard similar pitches. BC has a hard enough time recruiting, they don't need negative spins like this added to it.

Brendan Nosovitch is eligible immediately, and has two years of eligibility. Welcome to the Heights!