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The Return of BCI Radio Is Coming...PLUS New Video Podcast Coverage

We're going to be more loaded than ever with live content for you to digest.

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

With the football season right around the corner, it's time to take stock of some of the live media content you'll be able to catch on BC Interruption this fall.

Our radio show - Pardon the BC Interruption - will return for the Maine week. Dan Rubin and AJ Black cohost a weekly radio program at 8 PM on Tuesday nights to discuss all things Eagle football. Something of a transition to the week at hand, you'll be able to call in and weigh in both on the previous week's games as well as the upcoming week. The duo will also be bringing along a steady stable of guests and characters to interview each and every week throughout the season about the Eagles and their opponents.

Along with BCI Radio, be sure to tune in on Wednesday nights to a new media feature we'll be showing in conjunction with Mark Rogers TV. Acclaimed host Mark Rogers will be hosting live video podcasts each week on Wednesday nights at 8 PM. These 30 minute long shows will discuss hot ACC topics among a whole cast of characters from across the SB Nation family of blogs. This is sure to be can't miss watching, once again, to feed your football hunger as we get closer to kickoff.

Be sure to follow Mark's Twitter account by clicking here!

We will also be pushing along any video content and analysis that we see as a way to get you ready for game day!

So be sure to tune in throughout football season as we inundate your week with Boston College football. Get ready for football season - and GO EAGLES!