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Boston College & ACC Football: 2015 Season Gambling Odds

A look at what sports books have to say about the Eagles

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Our friends at recently took a look at the upcoming Boston College football season, breaking down the team's strengths and weaknesses and giving advice to those looking to handicap the Eagles' results this year. Their bottom line?

"[BC] has a wins total of 6. The 'under' is a -115 favorite. I say BC goes 3-1 out of conference, losing to Notre Dame, and beats Wake Forest and Syracuse in conference. So that's a 5-7 record and no bowl game. Go 'under' the wins total."

I've seen some sites list 5 as the over/under for BC wins this year, while SBR has it listed as 6. Either way, I'm taking the over - I think BC can win 7-8 games this year and feel like going "over" is a smart choice, especially since "under" is considered the slight favorite.

Other odds referenced by Sportsbook Review were BC's odds to win the Atlantic Division and the ACC, respectively. Needless to say, the oddsmakers don't really consider that likely, setting BC as +2700 to win the division and +10000 to win the ACC title.

These odds, posted by, show BC as one of the biggest underdogs for the ACC crown:

Florida State 5-2
Clemson 3-1
Georgia Tech 4-1
Louisville 8-1
Virginia Tech 8-1
Miami 10-1
Duke 12-1
N.C. State 12-1
Pittsburgh 15-1
North Carolina 18-1
Boston College 30-1
Virginia 30-1
Syracuse 75-1
Wake Forest 100-1

Well, at least we're not Syracuse? #goacc

My initial impression when looking at these odds is that NC State and Virginia Tech are wildly overpriced (if that's the right term). While I'm sure both teams could very well improve upon last season, I'm not sure what either did to demonstrate they're really strong contenders for the ACC crown. I certainly wouldn't say NC State is more than twice as likely to win the ACC title as BC is. (Neither is particularly likely, but I like BC's chances to beat NC State again head to head.)

While Florida State and Clemson are the obvious 1-2 picks, they both have enough question marks surrounding them that this could be a good year to pick a dark horse who might be able to make a semi-sneaky run to a title. While both of those teams are better than the competition they'll be facing, I don't see either one of them  as having a Jameis Winston-type who will propel them to being national championship contenders.

If I were making a choice for entertainment purposes only, I'd probably take a flyer on Miami. They'll face less stiff resistance in the Coastal than FSU, Clemson or Louisville will in the Atlantic and that could help them beat one of the favorites.

What do you think? Who do you see as a good bet or a bad bet thi s season? And do you think BC will top the 6-win over/under this season? Leave your thoughts below, and check out for more odds and analysis over the course of the college football season.