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Boston College Football: Steve Addazio Tours Through ESPN

What did he say on ESPN today....

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Today was the second day of the ACC Carwash at ESPN Studios in Bristol. Boston College head coach Steve Addazio spoke with numerous shows today about the Eagles.

First up he talked with on Sportscenter with Linda Cohn and her cohost about Darius Wade and his arm, Troy Flutie and his special attributes and what playing Howard/Maine early means for his club.

For some reason videos will not embed, so here is the link.

Then Coach Addazio went on the Championship Drive with Ivan Maisel to talk more about this upcoming season, his success with transfers, and his views on the 5th year transfer rule. Definitely check that part out, he gets into a pretty interesting conversation/argument with the host.

Here is the link to that podcast

Part of Addazio's tour as well included a chat with Norby Williamson....

Quite the tour for the coaches today. Definitely check those out if you want to get yourself pumped up for the upcoming season.