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Steve Addazio In Favor Of Renewing Rivalries With Virginia and Miami

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

BC scheduling has rightfully been a hot spot for debate since Brad Bates has taken over as Athletic Department. Recently the 2015 was forced to take on a second FCS school (Howard) after New Mexico State backed out on their scheduled game. Looking ahead BC still has huge holes in the schedule in 2016, and is struggling to find Power Five opponents to fill out their schedules in years moving forward. Today a report in the Daily Press throws a new wrench into the scheduling puzzle, this one involving head coach Steve Addazio.

During ACC Media Days, Addazio talked about his desire to get Miami and the University of Virginia back on the schedule for the Eagles. "I'm just saying, honestly, I'd love to have a chance to play Virginia. I'd love to go into that stadium one day. It's never happened. Miami. I used to be part of great Miami games, so I just think that would be cool. ... I just don't know how to get there. ... But if we could get there, I'd be a proponent of that." He (along with this writer) hates the fact that BC won't play UVA at home for 14 seasons (2010-2024).

Addazio goes on to say that he would like to see the Eagles play every ACC team during their time at Chestnut Hill. Does he have any solutions? No. "There are guys that have really thought this through in great detail," Addazio said, "so I don't want to be insulting to people who have put a lot into that, because I really haven't. Beyond this conversations, I really don't waste three seconds of energy on it."

The writer of the article David Teel goes on to provide some options that would allow this to happen. One would be to have nine conference games a year like the Big 10, Pac 12, and Big 12 and eliminate cross over games. A nine game conference schedule isn't a new idea, in fact it was that situation that got BC into their scheduling conundrum when the conference backed out of it.

The other option Teel lays out is to eliminate divisions all together, but even as he admits, that would be a mess and things like determining conference championship game participants would be a mess. Can't imagine this would be an option for the ACC moving forward.

I have to agree with Addazio here, conference games are an important sell for recruits, players and their families and playing teams like Miami are a great sell for ticket sales as well. Looking at 2016, could an out of conference ACC game be an option for BC? Currently UVA is scheduled with four games, but Miami has two spot opens. It may be a long shot, but could BC kill two birds with one stone and schedule the Hurricanes?

Just an option, and certainly one to look into.